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  1. rotation without using built in commands (glrotate,gltranslate,glscaling)
  2. Syntax error using gl_FragDepth
  3. How to get 'buffer' array data from one fragment shader to a second one
  4. Use fragment shader to set olny one color channel instead of 3
  5. Rendering Shadows with multiple objects
  6. Skeletal Animation GLSL
  7. How to render color texture and depth texture at same pass?
  8. calculating overall luminance of a texture
  9. imageLoad/imageStore VERY slow
  10. Object Behind The Blending Transparency Clipped
  11. GLSL Matrix 2x4 for Skinning
  12. My attempt of a normalmap-shader
  13. Shaders for pointcloud of icosahedrons
  14. Another Matrix4f Uniform corrupting output??
  15. vertex shader on raspberry pi2/openGL ES 2
  16. Binding points and OSX
  17. EXT_shader_texture_lod missing on android, any alternates?
  18. How many times shader executes?
  19. Difference Between xfb_buffer and stream
  20. Tiling a certain texture, on a texture atlas
  21. Light shader displaying nothing
  22. Skeletal Animation - Arbitrary number of bones and influences
  23. updating normal after transforming vertex
  24. Need help in Casting ray
  25. quarter of texture missing
  26. NVIDIA Update Breaks Shader
  27. Passing large mat4 array to fragment shader
  28. Screen tearing effect
  29. GLSL glGetUniformLocation Failing
  30. character literals
  31. default value of uninitialized local variable and uniforms
  32. GLSL Performance vs Maintainability
  33. Does textureLod perform filtering?
  34. Matrix to Shader, mvp
  35. GLSlang not catching compile errors, always failing to link
  36. Cel-Shader
  37. Rotate a subtexture from a sprite atlas to apply to a point sprite
  38. GLES compile errors under Marshmallow
  39. red arc drawing as a disc in circle
  40. how to "dig whole" on the terrain
  41. GLSL Cross Product documentation bug on website
  42. Available functions for OpenGL shaders version 450 core
  43. how to bring a drawn image in background by shaders.
  44. Dot product crashing shader
  45. shader not working for windows
  46. Performing a linear translation inside a shader
  47. Micro Optimization with matrices
  48. UBO get size of arrays_of_arrays
  49. Log for double precision shaders?
  50. Geometry Shader does not work
  51. Operating systems and shaders
  52. cascade multi shader
  53. Shader crashes at certain screen resolution
  54. Any idea how to accomplish this look with GLSL?
  55. Suggest an IDE for GLSL 4.4 developing
  56. How this was supposed to work?
  57. simple "flat shader" (without geometry shader)
  58. Am I using my geometry shader wrong?
  59. Object-positioning with gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix
  60. Drawing with Compute Shader
  61. Builtin math function execution cost: Issues with accuracy of builtins
  62. Any ideas on how to accomplish this image style?
  63. Possible driver bug?
  64. Size of specular Highlight changes with camera distance
  65. gl_VertexID always zero in any useful geometry shader
  66. Geometry shader output
  67. Problem with AMD GPU and GL_ARB_ES3_1_compatibility
  68. Xfer feedback variable optimized away
  69. Distance based fog
  70. Linking errors with geometry- / tesselation-shader
  71. Newbie needs help with tesselation
  72. how can I have the shader handle two different objects?
  73. Random errors in Shader Compilation or Linkage
  74. UBO or 'normal' uniforms
  76. Mipmapping
  77. lat-long/spherical projection using vertex shader
  78. Fragment shader showing only black color
  79. Compiler limitation?
  80. Beginner to programming trying to grasp fragment shaders, long story
  81. Fragment Shader problem
  82. Beginning problem with Shader
  83. Shader Calculation
  84. gl_Position Not Working in a Loop
  85. Random Values
  86. Compute Shader: shared variables
  87. Problem with Uniform Blocks
  88. Leverage fragment shader for efficient "cellular automata type" programs
  89. Can I draw lines representing normal vectors from fragment shader?
  90. GLSL Lighting Issue
  91. GLSL determinant() returns an 'undefined' result
  92. Shaders optimization
  93. Problems with SSAO
  94. Fragment shader + alpha bending problem...
  95. Sorting
  96. textureSize(sampler2DArray) error
  97. Is there a gl_ClipPlane alternative?
  98. Syntax error: parse error when defining a struct
  99. Texture within texture rendering when using transparent textures
  100. default-block uniform variables
  101. Problem making water, dudv image map keeps translating to the left.
  102. 2D normal map rotation
  103. uniform shader
  104. Question about OpenGL red book version 8 (GL 4.3) example 11.19
  105. GLSL 4.5 Specification - Confusion about Interface Blocks
  106. Basic geometry-shader
  107. GLSL 4.6 - Potential Bug - layout location, vector number?
  108. C++14 for GLSL?
  109. Reconstruct 3D object
  110. Use function insteead of projection matrix
  111. Casting shadows from 2D sprites in a top-down perspective
  112. Custom Bilinear filtering w textureGather problem
  113. Shadow striation
  114. COLOR_FormatYUV420Flexible transfer to RGB
  115. Newbie question about moving a selected number of pixels
  116. Trouble plotting a particular equation
  117. Random memory access inside shader.
  118. Dividing 128 by 256 gives the same result as dividing 127 by 256
  119. help with semantics of Texture Mapping Units and sampler2D
  120. Depth/Normal data from Reflected Objects using Cubemaps
  121. Getting harsh shadows with Deferred Lighting (video showing problem)
  122. GLSL -> SPIR-V -> OpenGL
  123. GLSL ES Version 100 texture lod access.
  124. Advertising paid GLSL coding work?
  125. GLSL Shader possibilities/Limitations
  126. Drawing an arc through OpenGL shader language
  127. Ray intersection with GLSL
  128. Dynamic arrays on GLSL
  129. Geometry shader is not working with my source code
  130. Vertex shader input not getting passed out correctly
  131. Use of GL_ARB_shader_image_load_store extension
  132. Accessing neighbouring textures in current mesh in a shader
  133. Spot light issue
  134. YUY2/YUYV Shader giving diffuse output
  135. Float Precision in GLSL 130
  136. Strange behaviour of a uniform integer variable using GLSL
  137. Diffuse and Specular Effect
  138. Set attribute values
  139. vec4 vs float[4] alignment in open gl 330 core
  140. Where can I download the shader examples of "OpenGL Shading Language" 3ed, by R Rost?
  141. GLSL spec in JSON
  142. Why this gloomEffect glsl code output only black & white image?
  143. GLSL shader to boost the color
  144. Need help with lightning
  145. How to implement a shader to create highlights/shadows?
  146. Binding different targets to same unit?
  147. bend geometry in vertexShader
  148. Why are my UV coordinates being extrapolated without MSAA?
  149. Is it possible to implement terrain implementation only using fragment shader
  150. Problem to write fragment buffer
  151. mat4 and vec4 multiplication produces empty screen
  152. Sampling imageCube using direction vector
  153. Reference. How can i do this?
  154. Question about OpenGL : difference between VBO & Shader
  155. can shaders draw indexed color arrays?
  156. Directional Light is not working.
  157. Light rendering problem
  158. Basic vertex shader binding & input
  159. Absolute beginner issue
  160. Is there a limit of total output from geometry shaders?
  161. GLSL program fails to link without errors
  162. Export shader as standalone
  163. LAPACK for GLSL?
  164. Weird ImageStore Behaviour
  165. Multiple lights in case of bump map
  166. Check if a varying variable was defined in vertex file
  167. Where to compute complex operations
  168. how to render cloud on webgl
  169. How to access a array texture in glsl?
  170. heightmap of points vertex(or geometry) shader
  171. Implementing Phong reflection modell with Gouraud Shading in vertex shader
  172. comparing GLSL loop index with uniform int
  173. glGetProgramInfoLog keeps returning garbage
  174. 'gl_Position' : undeclared identifier
  175. How I can create hqx or xBR shader in GLSL?
  176. GLSL Raytracer Circular Artifacts
  177. Hiding a part of the component with a shader.
  178. Is there any way to calculate depth without using z-buffer?
  179. Color/normal interpolation artifact with triangles
  180. Texture not changed in the fragment shader.
  181. gl_Fragcoord.z not good.
  182. Lighting Problems