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  1. Environment Mapping Issues - glDrawElements INVALID OPERATION
  2. what is the expected result for unsigned texture having isampler2D in shaders?
  3. #extension mechanism, query if extension is available?
  4. Uniform array names
  5. Shader problem
  6. QuickShader Beta - effects/shaders editor tool
  7. ATI card and gl_InstanceID problem
  8. GLSL questions
  9. Having Many Lights Calculated in one Shader
  10. Model turns all black in shader
  11. Slice rotation plan problem
  12. is it possible to update my glsl version?
  13. Specular shines through object
  14. Behavior of a non enabled vertex attribute.
  15. A problem about if-else in for-loop
  16. VSM issues
  17. using gl_InstanceID weird issue
  18. Behaviour of binding vertex attributes to shader variables
  19. Tessellation Confusion - gl_PrimitiveID
  20. Questions about geometry shader performances
  21. cube map shader texture binding
  22. Extracting a value from a fragment shader
  23. uniform struct array
  24. opengl origin....
  25. Texture not animating only shows black model
  26. Shader error and Identity Matrix
  27. scrolling normal maps to scrolling bump map
  28. GLSL function execution time estimation
  29. Spec. clarification: gl_VertexID, is the generation by glDrawElements optional?
  30. Shadow mapping with multiple shadows
  31. Problem of environment mapping
  32. Beginner: Implementing both colours and textures in fragment shader (for picking)
  33. Double precision: Extensions for trigonometry and transcendental functions?
  34. image2DArray :only first layer work
  35. Shader Performance
  36. write data to arbitrary position
  37. GL ES: Fragment shader optimization
  38. World space camera position and view direction in an outline shader
  39. Relative Positioning
  40. Any GLSL pre-processor that can help reuse my code?
  41. texelFetch & GL_REPEAT
  42. uniform array length (OpenGL ES GLSL 1.00)
  43. Tessellation Trouble
  44. trouble calculating 'flat' normal
  45. Problem with 'edge' of hill and fog
  46. #version syntax will not work on Visual Studio C++
  47. Shader and barycentric coordinates
  48. getting the normal with dFdx and dFdy
  49. Problem understanding texture reduction in shader based 2D soft shadows technique
  50. Implementing a 2-element orded list in an image buffer
  51. how to pass variables through vertex shader, geometry shader and fragment shader?
  52. GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP to GL_PATCHES (as input of tesselator control shader)
  53. unbound sampler declaration andd GLSL shader code
  54. gl_FragDeph not written to, but unexpected layout(early_fragment_tests) behavior
  55. Performance of GLSL?
  56. atomicMax
  57. fp64 (double-precision) ULP errors?
  58. Shader Program size limit
  59. Calculate vertex norm with compute shader
  60. How to draw multiple objects.
  61. Do GLSL subroutines cause any performance overhead?
  62. Uniform Buffer Objects, dynamic sized arrays and lights
  63. GLSL: The return to fixed functinoality
  64. GL_ARB_explicit_uniform_location inactive errors
  65. GLSL corrupting image2d when exporting mat4 array assigned using a for loop
  66. GLSL Shading Language for my opengl 3.1 any?
  67. noise1() only returns 0 in compute shader (GLSL version 4.3)
  68. imageStore stops working after a number of compute shader invocations.
  69. Fragment shader - terrain brush, circle
  70. Can't initialize an array with a single element???
  71. Interpolation qualifiers in interface blocks
  72. TWO small questions.
  73. Touching Objects
  74. Compute Shaders, current support by companies
  75. Does fragment shader only ouput normalized values?
  76. Which Spec to Use ?
  77. uniform,attribute type error ?
  78. Kepler GK110 - using atomicMin64 from GLSL?
  79. Shader problem when switching computer
  80. Image load/store mutex problem
  81. imageAtomicMin(), memoryBarrier() and coherent uniform qualifier
  82. Cubemap shadowmap lookup
  83. Cube and shadow multisample textures
  84. load shader file from assets on android using AssetManager ?
  85. "Stretching" shadow z coordinate to make the most of non-linear depth buffer?
  86. Using existing tools based on .asm (DirectX) for OGL for work load characterisation
  87. texture to texture array
  88. pow(x, 2) different then x*x?
  89. Optimising and versions of shader
  90. Downloadable GLSL documentation?
  91. fixing minecraft glsl shader
  92. Detecting changing uniforms in shader
  93. Color conversion and fetching buffer from shader.
  94. GLSL pads int arrays to 16 bytes, taking 4 times local memory
  95. What is source-string-number ?
  96. Heat map visualization shader help please
  97. Signed int addressing of image units limits to 2gb
  98. Updating output variables
  99. Finding the GLSL image unit layout information from the application
  100. Function texture2DArray always requires to enable GL_EXT_texture_array
  101. selectively writing to buffers
  102. OpenGL fragment shader not working on core i5 laptop on windows7
  103. rasterization and fragment coordinates for lines
  104. Android OpenGL es 2.0 specular light
  105. OpenGL Error #132
  106. EmitVertex in Subroutines
  107. Etching shader
  108. segmentation-fault in glCreateShader(GL_VERTEX_SHADER) ...
  109. error C5060: out can't be used with non-varying color
  110. What is the right way to send an array of bone matrices to the vertex shader?
  111. Loading shader firom file: GL_error 'illigal counting'
  112. * operator for vector-matrix multiplication
  113. Calculate GLSL shader cost
  114. Dynamically create and access multiple (Buffer)Objects in shader
  115. In OpenGL2.0 Very basic shader for beginners
  116. Trouble with shader
  117. Trying to get a cryptography shader working
  118. GLSL float/vec3/vec4 array max size = GL_MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS?
  119. Blending 4 textures with splat map (WebGL)
  120. Storing vector list to be accessed in shader
  121. OpenGL 4, problems following opengl.org tutorial (Parallax)
  122. Intermittent shader compile error with unhelpful info log
  123. Understanding light positions and storing to eye space coordinates
  124. Do GLSL structures any performance overhead?
  125. Specular highlight movement
  126. Suitable shader for 3D face models
  127. Weird texturing behaviour
  128. GLSL simple question
  129. Translating a light's "screen coordinate" in the fragment shader
  130. Problem with fragment shader code
  131. GLSL fragment texturing with instancing
  132. Error C5025: lvalue in assignment too complex
  133. Disappointed with GLSlang/GLSLValidate
  134. Difficult issue - depth texture and color texture in fragment shader
  135. Simple GLSL Shaders Not Working
  136. Suggestion for next glsl: float2integer convertion with defined rounding behavoir
  137. GLSL double precision range
  138. GLSL fragment shader not sampling texture
  139. How to sum up textures in OpenGL shader code?
  140. Inout parameters GLSL functions
  141. gl_NormalMatrix, gl_Normal are deprecated?
  142. glAccum to FBO ? Help for change over
  143. Display algorithm in Fragment Shader
  144. FAUX HDR opengl ES 2.0 shader algorithm
  145. Problems with using mat4 vertex attribute
  146. Diffuse Lighting
  147. Square artifacts on Nvidia GPU's[screenshots, code, win32 demo]
  148. Using a shader to calculate colour from y value
  149. Cascaded shadow mapping seams
  150. Problems in defining subroutines of a given type in different shader objects
  151. More Tesselation Detail
  152. Frag shader outputs as function argument strangeness
  153. Lookup texture coordinate issue
  154. Coherent GLSL 420 imageBuffer access in single-stage, single-pass scenario
  155. How to deal with error c7531
  156. Need some help with parallax mapping artefact
  157. GLSL Essentials - a short book review
  158. Could you please let me know how we can work on texture mapping in c#?
  159. GLSL: Shaders not working on Intel drivers
  160. 512MB buffer size limitation and GLSL
  161. I suggest to replace step() by my softstep() -> soft egdes for lighting and shadowing
  162. how to look up texture3d data with non normalized coordinate
  163. How to change the fragcoords relative location. (from the window)
  164. Problem when passing a matrix4f to my vertex shader.
  165. Custom Lighting Transform is Ending Up In the Wrong Space
  166. Problem with normal mapping. (Fragment position)
  167. How to pass Array to Shader like Vertices?
  168. Defined behaviour of image load after store in a different shader stage?
  169. How to display a colored 3d mesh using Phong shader?
  170. How to computing the vertex normal vector?
  171. How to send vertex color to vertex shader?
  172. Difference between coherent and volatile qualifier
  173. is there some ide available for glsl developping?
  174. Mat4x3 Uniform Registers?
  175. Normals using dFdx and dFdy
  176. Length of ray under/above water
  177. Sampler behaving differently on my laptop
  178. Polar coordinates in texture2D
  179. Arbitrary fragment pattern
  180. Inconsistent negated if-statement outcome
  181. Binding a single TEXTURE_2D_ARRAY layer to a sampler2D
  182. minimum-error-boundary-cut : Need to "go from pixel to pixel"
  183. uniform array length
  184. Strange Warning on ATI
  185. Black lines in fragment shader when normal mapping limited to distance
  186. Regarding shader spaces
  187. How to do a simple point omnidirectional light.
  188. Sampling from and rendering to the same texture and parallel sorting / hashing
  189. Graphic Shading Programming?
  190. render in for loop
  191. Proposal: Generalize dot to support genIType/genUType
  192. Create a emitting plane using shader
  193. Is it possible to cast a shadow on a transparent ground using shadow mapping
  194. Geometry shader: points to thick lines
  195. [GLSL] Normalmap shader in XZY space
  196. Need help with 2D Shadows. They're a bit off.
  197. Help with basic lighting in shader
  198. Vertex shader integer input broken
  199. need help in texturing
  200. glUniform values are preserved when shader is uninstalled?
  201. ATI Fragment Shader
  202. COVERSION: world coord -> screen coord -> world coord
  203. GLSL.hpp - GLSL emulation library
  204. Make swinging 2D grass with shaders
  205. Convert to Worldspace from depth buffer
  206. Managing several versions in a single shader file
  207. help with depth peeling
  208. Lighting errors with normal mapping
  209. Image atomic addition in a compute shader
  210. GLSL shading: The entire screen is colored instead of just a quad
  211. TinyPlanet shader problem
  212. Access Violation of Shader Subroutines
  213. [GLSL 130] Why I don't have the excepted final color in my shader ?
  214. Avoid Z-fighting same way as SGIX_reference_plane?
  215. Confusion about maximum output from Geometry Shaders
  216. [GLSL 330] No blending in the fragment shader.
  217. How to write commands in Vertex Shader to rotate points?
  218. glBindFragDataLocation: GL errors when passing a name not contained in shader source
  219. Save State of current ViewRenderBuffer
  220. Debugging a specific variable inside a nested functions
  221. GLSL optimization
  222. error
  223. Alpha Mask shader using PKM compressed texture ETC1 format RGB888 - artifacts
  224. ES2 extensions under Nvidia and ATI GPUs
  225. Online hardware shader test system?
  226. Fps drops when passing multiplied vector to gl_FragColor
  227. same GLSL code different result webGL and Opengl ES
  228. artifact in case of creation of shadowmapping
  229. Buffer sanity checks with NV_shader_buffer_load
  230. Why is the Mesa GLSL linker so stunningly slow
  231. shadow2DProjEXT breaking shader
  232. Precision loss with dvec3
  233. biasing cubemap causes faceting
  234. Merging vertex shader in fragment shader
  235. Lighting in Fragment Shader by calculating normals inside fragment shader.
  236. gl_FragDepth messes with colors
  237. Wrong lightning with normalmap-shader
  238. Help converting from glsl 400 to 130
  239. ShaderFile (a PreCompiler for OpenGL Shader Code)
  240. Strange behaviour with length()
  241. RayTrace\PhotonMap shader: access all textures
  242. Shader runtime error
  243. Parallel Prefix Sum in compute shader - unexpected results
  244. A Simple question how normal works
  245. [GLSL 130] Sharing variables between several fragments.
  246. [GLSL 420] Problem with imageLoad and imageStore functions.
  247. [GLSL 420]imageStore store nothing.
  248. Question when number of vao more that one
  249. How to improve data transfer performance for GLSL and curretly glGetTexImage is used.
  250. Color changing using lut file