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  1. Setting an attt/unif that doesn´t exist
  2. Get World Position from Texture Coordinate
  3. texture sampling artifacts and floor()
  4. Picking after Vertex Shader has changed vertex
  5. previous pixel values in the fragment shader
  6. Looking for expert reviewers
  7. modelview matrix pairing
  8. Shadow Mapping issue
  9. Performance questions
  10. Mipmap and GLSL question
  11. shadow2DRect problem
  12. Binding buffer objects, to treat as a uniform.
  13. too much out variables?
  14. Depth Comparison Problem
  15. Samplers of different types use the same textur ..
  16. Is it possible to get texture Integer Coordinate?
  17. Can you dynamic GLSL uniform arrays
  18. Affine-looking texture mapping on intel card?
  19. ATI mobility 5650 compatibility with GLSL 1.2
  20. Depth Texture Problem
  21. How are dFdx and dFdy functions implemented
  22. Is there any shadow map tutorial using shader?
  23. Particle effect positioned with a projectionmatrix
  24. Bad scope in ConvertLocalReferences()
  25. Raycasting problem
  26. Different Results on GLSL SandBox and PC
  27. Rendering Vector Features Approach
  28. imageStore and gl_FragColor - weird behaviour
  29. GLSL shaders to create a zoom
  30. VBO/VAO + Triangle-Specific Textures?
  31. Const data from vertex shader to fragment shader
  32. Question Regarding VBO/VAO and Attributes
  33. Deal with GLSL versions. Need some of experiences.
  34. Nvidia Extension Shader Buffer Load
  35. writing to FBO at multiple coords possible?
  36. spotLight
  37. Difference(s) between texelFetch and imageLoad ?
  38. ARB_shading_language_include
  39. faking GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH in a fragment shader
  40. it doesn't work when changed attrib location,why?
  41. So slow
  42. Passing arrays to shader
  43. Pass multiple texture coordinates to my shader
  44. cannot apply effects on video feed
  45. refract background
  46. Strange link error when using samplerCube
  47. creating falloff
  48. why does SwapBuffers take up so much cpu time?
  49. Why does glUniform1d exist?
  50. compiling error of texture3D
  51. GLSL performance with Nvidia SLI
  52. Shaders and VBO
  53. int vertex doesn't work
  54. handle both FLOATand INT in the same shader ?
  55. Uniform Buffer Objects and std140 question
  56. Computing Fragment Coordinate in vertex shader
  57. Cascaded shadow map bug between splits
  58. Colours in GLSL
  59. Trouble with "Varying" in GLSL ES
  60. out/in mat4 array does not work
  61. lifetime of glTransformFeedbackVaryings
  62. Help with Link error
  63. Transform Feedback (GL 3.0) questions
  64. How do I get/restore the current shader
  65. modified radial blur shader question
  66. Sending data to the shader
  67. Custom Bilinear filtering w textureGather problem
  68. Bad time performance of glGetQueryObjectiv?
  69. Shader debugging: problems passing vertex normals
  70. Help understanding glSampleID
  71. Best Practices for Multiple Shaders
  72. how to use the uniform block array?
  73. Unused uniforms, vertex attributes and samplers
  74. Setting uniform values
  75. trying to do texture mapping in GLSL 150
  76. Tessellation Shaders specification discussion
  77. ray casting uniformly
  78. Using Shaders with .obj files
  79. Mixing normal mapping and optic effects
  80. Fragment output
  81. Enabling and disabling vertex attribute arrays
  82. glTransformFeedbackVaryings vs layout(stream = 0)
  83. Meaning of “bindable uniform vec4 vertices[%d];”
  84. Texture 2D
  85. Rendering simple shapes without passing vertices?
  86. GLSL Shader Profiling?
  87. paletted textures and bilinear filtering?
  88. bit wise operation giving link error
  89. Switching FBOs or Attachments Slow
  90. Uniform Buffer Object layout binding
  91. Problem using Image Load Store EXT
  92. OpenGL shader - Missing pixels
  93. OpenGL does not allow 'mediump' after 'inout'
  94. diffuse shader problem
  95. How to avoid BlueScreens on Windows and GLSL bugs?
  96. GLSL while (someFunction) ... infinite loop
  97. slow local arrays in GLSL
  98. Calculating Specular and GLFlat/Smooth
  99. using the new "invocation count" feature in geometry shaders
  100. Mipmap level calculation using dFdx/dFdy
  101. Using textureGrad with cube map
  102. Can uniform blocks get removed by GLSL compiler?
  103. Difference between vertex and fragment shader ?
  104. Can't make texture works
  105. Automatically identify color source
  106. really simple rgb shader
  107. Bevel effect in Fragment shader
  108. Forward Declaration of Scoped Variables (Uniform Buffer Objects)
  109. texelFetch() ...but with interpolation?
  110. Thoughts on using varyings vs. not using them
  111. Parameter storage in fragment shader
  112. multipass blending wireframe artifact
  113. Performance: alternative for if ( ... ) { }
  114. Alternatives to mix( vec4, vec4, bvec4 ) in openGL ES
  115. Rendering a 3D graphic
  116. Fragment shader output range: Can fragment shader output be out [0.0, 1.0]?
  117. Passing arrays per vertex to shader
  118. Content of a depth texture
  119. Opengl shadering performance
  120. GPU vertex modification - R2VB?
  121. Multiple functions in shader program
  122. PN-AEN Triangles GLSL
  123. Problem with uniform blocks
  124. Light source on random position in the world
  125. wipe effect
  126. Noise Algorithm Problem (GLES)
  127. Determine primitive id
  128. detecting if a gl_LightSource is disabled in compatibility profile
  129. Can shaders be used here?
  130. Texture lookup with dynamic loop in fragment shader not working
  131. Multiple writes to gl_FragColor within main
  132. Seam issue with environmental map shader
  133. Distorted coordinate system
  134. How to Make Cool Effects with GLSL?
  135. Alising artifact on cutoff image
  136. Can I extract the hex value from a sampler2D?
  137. Shadow mapping - Multiple lights problem
  138. can textureBufferObjects be flattened?
  139. Simple blending shader using image load/store produces false results
  140. texture buffer shader fails to compile
  141. How to create fog using Open GL ES 2.0 or WebGL?
  142. Access mipmap level in fragment shader [OpenGL ES 2.0]
  143. Prefix for variables [core]
  144. Definition of MAX_VERTEX_UNIFORM_VECTORS with respect to Mat4s?
  145. Odd Results with the MESA drivers and gl_Vertex
  146. Names of `out` variables in a fragment shader
  147. GLSL Volume Rendering, with Ray Casting
  148. Problems with passing FBO texture to GLSL shader. Please help
  149. why work is the group size specified inside the shader (local_size_x)?
  150. [compute shader] efficient way to fetch values from generic buffer object
  151. Nested loop issue
  152. Shader Designer
  153. GLSL software shader compiles, but will not render
  154. Binary shaders support in OpenGL
  155. Pixel Position world space
  156. GLSL Setup
  157. Meaning of texture coordinates in "texture2D"
  158. Use of discard and return
  159. Uniform names
  160. Color Interpolation
  161. Drastic performance drop with random index
  162. 2D lightning from multiple point sources on GLSL ES 2.0 in iPhone
  163. Meaning of geometry shader input primitive when using tessellation shaders
  164. To Get a basic idea of parallel processing work on fragment shader and GPU memomry
  165. gl_FragCoord and texture2DRect
  166. Frag Shader vs BlendFunc
  167. Compute fragment's ray direction (world's coordinates)
  168. uniform float doesn't work
  169. Plana YUV -> RGB using GLSL
  170. Cg shader crash at runtime, maximum instructions reached?
  171. why are there only single channel atomics?
  172. glShadeModel is depreciated. So, how, exactly, do we do flat shading now?
  173. layout qualifier with ivec4
  174. Accepted practice for VBO's
  175. How does this simple fragment shader function work?
  176. GLSL and nVidia issue
  177. Transform Feedback with Delphi and nVidia CG
  178. Atomic access to Shader Storage Buffers fails linking
  179. uniform sizes
  180. Strange problem in GLSL while assigning attribute to a varying in vertex shader
  181. Texturing disappearing after applying shader
  182. Reinterpet bits cast float->int in GLSL
  183. Problem with multi-texturing
  184. Fragment position
  185. Problems simulating 3D volume with 2D textures + ray casting
  186. Send a texture buffer to a shader
  187. strange problems with billboard shader (Geometry shader)
  188. Multiple shaders and execution sequence...
  189. gl_LightSource[i].halfVector not working on Intel HD3000
  190. Line thickness
  191. If command not working in the fragment shader
  192. Deferred shader for depth, normals, and position
  193. Noob question about uniform arrays, how to fill them?
  194. Problem with boolean expressions
  195. Textured Cube - a newbie question
  196. Texture doesn't appear properly
  197. How to include GLSL code in a release product
  198. Geometry shader output streams (for binning instances)
  199. GLSL Matrices
  200. Problem with light position
  201. Simple Question about Squeezing Textures
  202. Implementing silhouette extraction with tessellation
  203. Copying all data from interface blocks
  204. Fragment shader for game tile engine (tilemap) smooth scrolling/per-pixel offset fail
  205. glsl bilinear and artifact on same scale
  206. Cube Map Sampling
  207. changing vertex location in vertex shader
  208. Flickering artefacts - coloured squares
  209. Ask for examples of the orange book "OpenGL Shading Language"
  210. std::vector in GLSL?
  211. mat4 assignment multiplication failing.
  212. Texture Matrix for Cube Maps
  213. Simplest direct sample shader find nothing wrong but no effect
  214. Gl_NormalMatrix replacement in shaders
  215. Rotating an object in Opengl ES2.0
  216. setting alpha to 0 but still see objects?
  217. why are my objects translucent?
  218. About the usage of glUniform{2|3|4}iv.
  219. Block/struct scoping for varyings
  220. How to get wireframe display of a mesh using GLSL?
  221. atomicCompSwap
  222. Using OpenMP for 3D rendering
  223. Modifying Hue value with GLSL
  224. Issue about accessing array element of uniform block (AMD glsl compiler)
  225. Dynamic subrountines vs switch/if
  226. Simple shading problem
  227. using spinlock to control image read/writes
  228. Compatibility state
  229. Basic GLSL problems - garbled sprite textures on Intel HD Graphics
  230. AMD card that supports multisampled images
  231. Traditional OpenGL vs GLSL vs CG
  232. Sampling float from texture(rect)
  233. Can I use the costomized rasterization algorithm by GLSL?
  234. Initial lag with shaders?
  235. Get errors about redefinition (OpenGL 4.0 Shading Language Cookbook)
  236. sampler specific LOD failure
  237. conditionals in shaders
  238. textureGather sampling artifacts.
  239. when is the indices of vertices determined to be used in gl_VertexID
  240. rays from camera to fragment in eye space
  241. PCF technical error (shadow map)
  242. GLSL: glGetShaderiv problem
  243. GL_BYTE vertex attribute giving wrong data
  244. Fragment Shader not compiling on NVidia (it does on ATI)
  245. Matrix multiplication affect textures coordinates in Geometry Shader, too much code ?
  246. Fragment shader for unsigned integer textures
  247. arb_fragment_program_shadow and AMD
  248. Running a compute shader with a large array makes other shaders with arrays faster.
  249. Layout specification in GLSL
  250. Distinction between (default UB) uniform locations and uniform indices