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  1. Multisampling w/MFC?
  2. Creating a window without crl buttons & Title bar
  3. alt tab with fullscreen fix
  4. 100% CPU usage and crash in windowed mode? Nvidia Bug?
  5. OpenGL program on win 98 uses 100% CPU
  6. How to use opengl in WINCE(with ARM cpu)?
  7. Displaying a tiled bitmap in OpenGL
  8. OpenGL, Managed C++.NET, Windows Forms
  9. Setting for using OpengGl in VC.Net
  10. Render scene to printer
  11. Installing OpenGL
  12. setting hardware acceleration
  13. OpenGL rendering in Windows Splitters
  14. Not redrawing when popup closes.
  15. Color depth of my window
  16. about enumDisplaySettings
  17. Where can I get OpenGl1.4 or later edition
  19. Where's OPENGL Source Codes for my OS?
  20. Sharing texture objects and buffer objects
  21. texture memory in use?
  22. [Windows + MingW32] Help required compiler options
  23. OpenGL with .NET C++
  24. Windows driver development
  25. What do i do?
  26. Generating bitmap files under open GL
  27. Multisampling via GLUT
  28. Uising a thread to load/create textures.
  29. 3dfx VooDoo 3 3000 and open GL
  30. Is there a OpenGL App to find my video driver bug?
  31. Help - OpenGL, SiS 650 and gaming
  32. openGL for my card
  33. open gl error
  34. Who cares?
  35. Help: wglCreateBufferRegionARB returning NULL handle
  36. Any way to share a back buffer across windows in OpenGL?
  37. S3 savage 3d
  38. wglswapbuffers takes 4 frames or more to swap
  39. Rendering in the same window
  40. OpenGL, Cg, MRT and Multitexturing issue
  41. help me!!!
  42. async texture loading
  43. HELP
  44. delay in ChoosePixelFormat
  45. how to use hardware OpenGL 2.0
  46. Memory (malloc) error during redraw
  47. how to run windows media player in a fullscreen openGL App?
  48. "Could not load OpenGL....."
  49. Configuration change killed my FPS
  50. glutSolidTeapot doesn't work correctly under ortho projection?
  51. Win32 application freezes with certain dialog boxes
  52. gltGetNormalVector
  53. memory bitmaps
  54. My first topic whit an big problem
  55. OpenGL under Windows XP profesional 64-but edition
  56. wglCreateLayerContext implemented on WINDOWS?
  57. FPS drop in extended desktop mode
  58. Win32 Mingw...
  59. Open a window on a specific device (sli)
  60. installing openGL
  61. Thanks dimensionX.
  62. What libraries should i download?
  63. Linker error
  64. loading/displaying bitmaps in dll
  65. What is wrong with my Threads?
  66. download opengl
  67. Open GL Driver download
  68. open gl for nVidia RIVA TNT2 on an old dell
  69. XP Home and XP Pro
  70. sth. about paste texture
  71. OpenGL File Confusion
  72. Efficient use of OpenGL with the .NET Framework...
  73. Could anyone please help me??
  74. not opengl compatible
  75. Open GL works on older cards!
  76. downloading opengl
  77. OpenGL and Win32 threads
  78. WGL_ARB_PBUFFER and stencil
  79. OpenGL and MFC under Visual C++ .NET 2003
  81. can you tell me how to use gluNurbsSurface()
  82. missing glut.dll
  83. opengl 2.0
  84. GLEW
  85. How to rotate a 3D object in a dialog with some controls
  86. OpenGl Updates
  87. capture from .avi-file
  88. JoGL and NVidia driver
  89. What GL thing i have to download for my video card?
  90. Why won't .NET 2003 projects compile?
  91. Pop up menus in open GL
  92. OpenGL window as a part of Form in Borland Buidler C++...
  93. VS 2003 and glu.h
  94. Problems with Opengl
  95. Who has opengl2.0? help!
  96. OpenGL without Windows SDK?
  97. OpenGL drawing on more than one dialog
  98. Problems creating gl window in new thread
  99. Using textures
  100. Using textures
  101. Use a bitmap as a background
  102. OpenGL viewport redraw problem
  103. It will block in OpenGL function when using mutlithread
  104. Install/register glut.dll
  105. OpenGL on MFC bitmap
  106. Problem Calling SetPixelFormat in opengl32.dll
  107. Using an older nvoglnt.dll with 81.95 drivers
  108. Light opengl library
  109. Console window
  110. Fullscreen on second display
  111. OpenGL for nonsupport graphic cards
  112. Too slow when creating a Display list under WGL
  114. Nvidia 6600 repaint problem
  115. opengl across four screens
  116. Fading (Video Card Problem?)
  117. Opengl won't work under windows 2000
  118. Opengl for 64 bit
  119. Open GL
  120. CSGL
  121. how to use the opengl2.0 ?
  122. Novice need help
  123. setp 2 to opengl.help
  124. Need GLU 1.3 headers and libs for Windows
  125. Camera manipulation for CAD app
  126. OpenGL.dll
  127. Something for OpenGL 2.5
  128. glReadPixels and ATI settings
  129. initialization failure ddraw.dll
  130. Problem in using nvidia card for OpenGl Program
  131. screensaver runs/renders very slowly
  132. speed difference between single-buffer and double buffer mode?
  133. Write on other opengl application windows
  134. commercial use
  135. GlUT32.dll doesn't work
  136. Draw on a vb .net form [urgent!!!]
  137. PBO performance problem
  138. VS Output Messages from OpenGL -- Help me understand them
  139. Stop the madness
  140. Build Errors on Visual C++
  141. My notebook doesn't work with OpenGL
  142. double buffering with GDI calls
  143. How do I draw into the back buffer using Win32 calls?
  144. Can wglSwapIntervalEXT silently fail?
  145. Why can't i write to a memory device context?
  146. linking opengl32.lib make program inefficient
  147. cheapest way of developing game
  148. cpu load
  149. glReadPixels
  150. glOrtho
  151. Newbie GL_DEPTH_TEST Question
  152. OpenGL without a window?
  153. OpenGL work only when uninstall videocard driver?!
  154. extensions and .net
  155. keyboard event
  156. OpenGL error..
  157. opengl text scrolling
  158. Rendering to a non-rectangular window
  159. MDI form under C# (.NET) causes an error on SwapBuffers()
  160. Drawing points held in a text file
  161. Drawing points held in a text file
  162. OpenGL run-time dynamic linking library released for Win32 platform.
  163. Problems with glut under visual c
  164. Textures not drawed on all polygon's faces
  165. how to use openGL in vc++ 6 ?
  166. Error in gl.h for Visual C++ 2005
  167. reading and writing to the video frame buffer
  168. OpenGL window manager for windows
  169. GL_TEXTURE_3D
  170. openGL works on windows 2000 but not windows XP
  171. Non-rectangular GL Window
  172. OpenGL in VB.NET (Source Code Included.)
  173. multi-display fbo texture sharing between contexts
  174. NURBS surface uncaught exception
  175. OpenGL in VB.NET BUG FOUND!
  176. 16 bit alpha?
  177. Multipipe OpenGL rendering on Windows
  178. NURBS object
  179. openGL on windows XP
  180. Sharing Shader/Program objects across multiple rendering contexts
  181. doublebuffer cause flickering prolbem
  182. Imaging Subset and Visual Studio
  183. Texture color depth is wrong
  184. OpenGL 2.0 library for windows
  185. OpenGL inside DLL issues
  186. Runtime Error! Abnormal Program Termination
  187. opengl in spitted view with menu !
  188. Left-Handed Coordinates
  189. help me!
  190. Does anynoe have GL4Java for me to deal with an emergence
  191. Multithreading by creating a child exe
  192. How do i get OPENGL
  193. Why is so complicated find the OpenGL version
  194. Opengl Lib!
  195. Stipple pattern mis-alignment problem
  196. Most 'complete' GL card/implementation
  197. Disabling keyboard delays\repeats ?
  198. Problems around OpenGL
  199. C++ 3D model loaders
  200. Calling OpenGL functions from kernel mode
  201. Quicktime videos from OpenGL animation
  202. OpenGL under win32 API
  203. OpenGL pix
  204. Multithreading and VBOs
  205. Missing WGL_ARB_pixel_format_float?
  206. modal window
  207. Unmanaged OpenGL in .NET
  208. Set up opengl on GetDesktopWindow() or GetDC(0)
  209. More unmanaged OpenGL
  210. Texture Theft via OpenGL
  211. Is it possible to render two COMPLETELY different scenes at the same time?
  212. C#, MDI and OpenGL
  213. GL_TRIANGLES vs. NVIDIA Quadro FX 1400
  214. How to show a bitmap (.png format) in 3D(OpengGL)? if you can show me some source cod
  215. OpenGL/GDI sync
  216. gl,windows,dualview?
  217. opengl in visualC++
  218. Open GL Clear Color
  219. pbuffer without CreateWindow?
  220. Update OpenGL version?
  221. How to get graphics card memory amount
  222. Please help me
  223. Switch from Win98 to WinXP slows game?
  224. Does OpenGL affect applications running under realtime priority?
  225. Intel disabling .scr and .SCR OpenGL hardware acceleration!
  226. Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 6.0 for OpenGL programming?
  227. 2 dibsections with OpenGL
  228. How to access graphic hardware acceleration while running as a service
  229. wglMakeCurrent() and multiple windows
  230. Object orientated API
  231. Creating a wrapper for opengl32.dll
  232. OpenGL and GDI problems on Vista
  233. OpenGL memory Problem
  234. Help between Delphi and C#.Net application ?
  235. Where to get OpenGL for WinXP
  236. A different OpenGL memory loss
  237. avtivex control
  238. Problem with window clipping...
  239. Multi-GPU & OpenGL possible?
  240. OpenGL in MFC static (frame) control
  241. open gl on windows
  242. Constant Frame Rate
  243. NVIDIA ChoosePixelFormat delay
  244. Need help with accum buffer and pixelformatdescriptor
  245. OpenGL 2.0
  246. D3DX, Meshes and Opengl
  247. wglCreateContext twice for the same window?
  248. wglMakeCurrent() fails silently
  249. 3d java
  250. Lighting and sound conflict