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  1. Physics calculations on CPU vs on GPU
  2. Fast float -> 1010102 converter
  3. Find a cartesian line from distance of 4 points
  4. Algorithm for UV cubemap warping to a sphere
  5. is it possible to calculate which vertices of a model are inside another model?
  6. How to render human 3d model using the kinect 3d points in OPENGL viewport
  7. LOD level determination by using varying FOV?
  8. Fast Adjacent Triangle Identification
  9. To study mathematics for CAD(Computer-Aided Design), What book can i read?
  10. Voxel GI
  11. How can a 3D box with unequal sides fill a picture window, no matter its orientation?
  12. Mesh decimation
  13. How to capture android camera to 2 screen views and stream over wifi
  14. Convert normalmap to object space
  15. loading .obj file: how to triangularize polygons ?
  16. Confusions with skeletal animations
  17. Mesh-ray intersection test issues
  18. Problem with shadow mapping (fragment depth)
  19. How do I get the forward vector or my camera?
  20. How do I get a 3x3 Normal Matrix of a model using row major Matrices?
  21. Trying to understand the this one line of code used for brightness
  22. How to get a hit point vector from a OBB Raycast Test
  23. How do I correctly move a camera towards the direction its looking at?
  24. What's the best way to detect collision in lvls and keep the players in between walls
  25. Best algorithm generate texture from 3D dimensional metrology (apply to 3D CAD model)
  26. Projection of the camera depth into the light space
  27. Collada Animation - Need help with getting it correct.
  28. How to get camera place to see all
  29. I can't understand how to use gluLookAt with glm. Can anybody help me?
  30. How to calculate Normal for 3D Triangle
  31. Early exit strategy for SSAO?
  32. Calculating normals in vertex shader
  33. Tile-able Bezier Surfaces
  34. Is there a way to summarize a simulation into a simpler rough simulation?
  35. History of Super-Sampling - when was it first used in commercial hardware?
  36. Maths Pre-Requisites for OpenGL
  37. Orbital Mechanics, Vector Equation
  38. Problem with z axis rotation projected orthografically
  39. Lighting during rotation of object
  40. Efficient Shadow Volume Calculation Algorithms?
  41. problem de-rotating a model
  42. Lighting algorithm question
  43. Array Texture Data Manager lib ?
  44. Triangle: Circumscribed Circle
  45. skinning with quaternion + position
  46. Efficient way to return all boxes hit by a ray.
  47. Can't get my FPS Camera working. WebGL demo and code included.
  48. How would I load a collada file's skinning information?
  49. Assimp: skeletal animation: How to
  50. How to convert screen coordinate to 3D world coordinate
  51. Shadows map implementation for directional lights
  52. Skeleton Animation Retargeting, Orientation only, same skeleton.
  53. Camera lens distortion simulation
  54. Quaternion object rotation
  55. Efficiency of Using Inverse Matrices to Calculate World Coordinates
  56. Could someone please explain post/pre multiplication of matrices?
  57. A Simple Example of Projection Matrix
  58. Rotate a vector to align with another vector(but keep the same up direction)
  59. How do I do "soft" bends with a mesh
  60. Transformation: keep scale vector in the chain ?
  61. Model matrix transformation and a work algorithm in the scene. Organization data.
  62. mat4 transformation chain
  63. How to get disatnce from one point to Line in 3D space using openGL math library glm?
  64. ABS value in plane-line equation?
  65. Convert heightmap to triangles
  66. computing glm::quat() from "forward" and "up"
  67. Mark rendered area
  68. amount of inofrmation from one system to the other
  69. vector "type"?
  70. Laplacian, eigen-values and eigen-vectors
  71. minus swap on sin fx matrix creates working code
  72. Camera and Cube Overlapping
  73. Happy to introduce new 3d math library for C
  74. Frustum cullling
  75. Ray tracing, Z coordinate (depth) of bounding box seems much bigger then it should be
  76. triangle rotation/movement
  77. How much is 1 distance unit.
  78. Unpacking ternary digits
  79. Screen Position Calculations - Help Needed