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  1. Regarding the MSAA algorithm
  2. Multiply MVP matrices by a (0,0,0) point=(0,0,0)?
  3. Center Of Mass Rigid Body
  4. Projectile motion
  5. Euler angles and extrude direction
  6. Geocentric to topocentric
  7. roating a 2D mesh (glpoints)
  8. Basic collision detection
  9. How do I code a spline path?
  10. question on z-buffer depth test algorithm
  11. Can OpenGL handle nonrectangular pixel distr?
  12. correct matrixes
  13. Skinning algorithms
  14. GLM lib differences in matrix to quaternion ?
  15. profile and extrusion
  16. how the matrix of glOrtho is derived?
  17. 3ds max file does not work properly in opengl
  18. Regarding "A pixel is not a little square"
  19. tangent space
  20. Regarding the projective space
  21. Inverse Orthogonal Matrix
  22. Poligon using the mouse
  23. how to get the vertices coordinates
  24. GLUtesselator, zero-area triang, & T-intersections
  25. Parenting object while keeping same worldspace
  26. Rotating around a World Space Axis - How Works?
  27. Mouse Picking? with my Game Machine
  28. Modifying Texture Coordinates to represent visible area
  29. Drawing an Arc in 3D
  30. Normals for cylinder
  31. Projective Textures, view only section
  32. about perspective projection matrix
  33. Sine/Cosine wave for sunrise and sunset
  34. Non-Convex Polygon Clipping
  35. Inverse Matrix
  36. Using Trigonometry to draw concentric circles following a path
  37. developing a new function/class for opengl standard
  38. Plotting 3D Coordinates onto a 2D Plane
  39. How To Use Quaternions
  40. Normalized device coordinates for world coordinates using orthographic projection
  41. a to convert a matrix to a quaternion
  42. draw an object that looks the same size regarles the distance in perspective view
  43. 2D view with Z scaling, but no perspective
  44. A fast algorithm for collision detection, Simple android game, Suggestions needed
  45. Get orientation from vectors
  46. Extracting camera position from a ModelView Matrix
  47. Camera rotation from vector
  48. Near & far parameter in glfrustum-glperspective c++
  49. help with the rotation formulas
  50. Constant Line Width
  51. Rotation Relative to parent
  52. loop drawing cubes
  53. Moving the camera on an ellipse
  54. Coordinate Projection - Appropriate Values
  55. matrices and projection
  56. Help getting perpendicular angle of point on sphere
  57. OpeGL accuracy
  58. Getting polygon (triangle) edge normals in 3D space - perpendicular to surface normal
  59. Virtual Sculpting using OpenGL and Haptic Device
  60. Math skills for beginning Opengl
  61. Applying Quaternion rotation to a cube
  62. quaternion indices
  63. Need help with skeletal animation
  64. Another OpenGL (and Direct3D) matrices thread
  65. Did Someone do the job "H.264 encoding with OpenGL ES on Mobile Devices"?
  66. Help reconstructing pixel position from depth
  67. perspective GUI frustum
  68. Light Space Perspective Shadow Mapping
  69. ranges
  70. sort on x and y of 2d points
  71. Finding X-section of any arbitrary polygonal model
  72. Finding curvature between two points
  73. cuboid collision response
  74. 3D Game - When any arrow key is pressed the screen goes smaller then dissapears
  75. glutKeyboardFunc problem
  76. glutKeyboardFunc problem
  77. Detection of edge of a polygon
  78. Some problem with deleting tringles using vector iterator
  79. 3D data reconstruction
  80. Walking on a sphere
  81. Calculating eigen vectors from a set of points
  82. 3D rotation mismatch calculation
  83. Perspective projection of a 3D head
  84. Mapping two polygons
  85. Smoothing vertices of a polygon
  86. Mapping a polygon to a unit sphere
  87. A simple question on interpolation/extrapolation
  88. import model to OpenGL project
  89. can someone explain me this Collition detection Test function
  90. Constructing surface from a set of contours
  91. A very beginner's question
  92. Hight of point on 3d Triangle
  93. Trying to implement an FPS-like camera.
  94. GLM, triangle intersect and barycentric result
  95. Fitting a curve within a triangle
  96. I need your help
  97. GLM - compile error with the division
  98. From window coordinates to world coordinates
  99. Polygonizing a grid after subtracting an irregular portion
  100. Matrix error
  101. How to interchange glTranslate - glRotate
  102. slope of a line
  103. 3D Face Expression Database
  104. Texture mapping ::: 3D Face Mapping
  105. Finding coordinates of Koch curve
  106. Convert 2D images into Stereoscopic images
  107. Creating and using AABB for collision detection 3d
  108. Determing facet winding
  109. Finding the convex hull of a set of points
  110. Smoothing the dges of a polygon
  111. creating 3d with mesh, problem with face
  112. Rotations after swapping axes
  113. Structuring a matrix library
  114. Does this function appear to be row-major?
  115. Rotating and scaling an object using gluLookAt (Mathematical conversion)
  116. Clamping the dot product in a Slerp for Quaternion
  117. Deferred Shading
  118. Pan Functionality in GLSurfaceview in Android
  119. GLM::Projection questions
  120. Finding all the points that lie inside a polygon
  121. Moving faster when going in right angle
  122. converting glm::mat4 to XMFLOAT4X4
  123. 3d-Ellipsoid
  124. (non realtime) Hidden face removal
  125. Why stray from cross platform when there is ANSI STL????
  126. Access glm::vec3 component by argument?
  127. stuck with 360 camera loop
  128. extrusion
  129. Algorithm to fill quad determined by 4 points with voxels.
  130. Problem about opengl camera system.
  131. Dual Quaternion Skeletal Animation
  132. Butterfly subdivision
  133. Can I create my own instruction set in OpenGL ARB?
  134. I need the code of Progressive mesh based on the edge collapse algorithm
  135. Ray-Line intersection test
  136. [glm] Use quaterions to move the camera direction according to mouse movement
  137. Coded examples in CSG
  138. Stereo matching and disparity
  139. how useful are exponential maps?
  140. MatrixMode, glLoadIdentity, glTranslate, glRotate remvoved from OpenGL new versions?
  141. Boolean operation
  142. intersection test, ray obb inverse model matrix
  143. N-Arbitrary Rotations -> Euler angle shortcut?
  144. OpenGL and OpenCV not matching up
  145. The solutions for the intersection problems of Bezier curves
  146. Ground fog algorithm
  147. trying to draw a sphere in a single triangle strip
  148. FPS Camera in OpenGL and glm
  149. I'm asking for not-faceted models guidance
  150. How to smoothly connect a number of points
  151. Rotate object around its local coordinate system
  152. Triangulating a surface constructed by 3D curves
  153. Finding if a point is in front or behind a plane
  154. opengl function
  155. Translation after rotation
  156. 4x4 Transformation Matrix question
  157. Decent View Camera System
  158. Simple (not for me) rotation question
  159. Simple (not for me) rotation question
  160. Formulas for glViewport may be not exact
  161. AABB-Triangle intersection point
  162. Android: How to find the position of the mouse pointer hit on the object in 3d space
  163. Code explaination please
  164. Need some suggestions about transforming a projected image
  165. C++ fast itmap resizing/blitting algorithm
  166. Roll Pitch and Yaw - Airplane style rotation
  167. Camera rotation glitches
  168. Cube Plane intersection points
  169. Creating smooth curve from sampled points
  170. Matrix class
  171. A simple question on matrix in opengl and opencv
  172. Check for every triangle of a mesh if it intersects triangle of another mesh
  173. The swarm of insect: how to in opengl
  174. HELP! Collision Detection: NOT WORKING?
  175. How to create a sand effect\pile up?
  176. typo or?
  177. Distance to lines results in inlets at line crossings
  178. gluPickMatrix Implementation
  179. questions about Matrix using glm
  180. Having trouble unprojecting an orthographic view
  181. Questions: GL_LINEAR is not working in android GLES 3.0
  182. Creating a surface from a closed path composed from bezier curves
  183. Need some clarification on transformation matrices
  184. Algorithm for comparing word with randomly distributed substring
  185. Finding euler angles from axis-angle representation
  186. Order of x, y, z rotation angles in OpenGL
  187. About matrix math libraries
  188. Different functions from a triangle
  189. Finding intersection of a ray with arbitrary surface
  190. Calculating orthographic matrix parameters from perspective matrix
  191. Multiple planes on collision detection sliding
  192. How to calculate camera roll...
  193. Animating nodes objects
  194. Matrix/Vector/Quaternion Issue
  195. Translation of the point normal to the line
  196. Matrix transformations for trackball rotation OpenGL (LWJGL)
  197. Dual Quaternion Slerp
  198. Current literature / benchmarks for visibility computation on the CPU
  199. Derivation of Crytek's "spheremap transform" normals?
  200. False positive result during collision detection
  201. Calculating final vectors after applying clipping projection matrix
  202. Rotating an object along the vertex axis normal of another object.
  203. How may i have the z coordinate of each pixel after rastrization
  204. Rotating a body in the direction of its trajectory
  205. Save Matrix
  206. Specification Understanding difficulty
  207. Cube Map Query Question...
  208. Add openGL animation in native app.
  209. Dct
  210. Mandelbrot zoom acts weird after several zooms!
  211. Difference between Gouraud and Phong Shading
  212. Wrong Blending of 4 Dual Quaternions
  213. Orthonormalize three vectors
  214. Synchronization of 2 independent applications coordinate systems
  215. Realtime Ocean rendering - I'm lost
  216. True Camera via OpenGL4.5
  217. A common solution of NURBS-Intersection
  218. what is the use of this function (in need of line to line explaination)
  219. question about books
  220. generate contour from the 3D model
  221. Line Antializing
  222. Restoring a vector after multiplying it by a matrix
  223. Abstract Phong Material Description for OpenGL & Raytracing
  224. Some queries about vector - angle between each other
  225. Intersect triangle with segment
  226. Clumped Distribution
  227. Best unique subdivision algorithm
  228. 3D Poisson distribution
  229. Tesselate triangle
  230. Eye-Position from Depth and NDC, Compute Shader
  231. Seamless triangular patches
  232. Animated Perlin Noise: behaviour not as expected
  233. Camera view matrix inverted?
  234. How does drawing circle work?
  235. Billboard Help
  236. Linear Mapping issue
  237. Quaternion Skinning
  238. Collision Detection using View Matrix of two objects.
  239. divide an arbitrary rectangle into set of squares
  240. Subdivide a 2D region with several holes within it into several regions with no holes
  241. Point plus vector gives odd result
  242. Linear math: can't seem to rotate translated coordinates
  243. How to make flying around in 3d Space work with Quaternions in OpenGL
  244. Rotate point sprite given a texture atlas
  245. Non-smooth subdivision algorithms
  246. how to reconstruct depth from texture?
  247. Making an object in the game to rotate toward you.
  248. Algorithm implemented for drawing line in OpenGL
  249. Recompute vertex after rotation
  250. Rotation camera LookAt point with quarternion problem