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  1. Draw Plane with Plane Equation
  2. Quaternion question
  3. Triangle-Triangle intersection
  4. Polygon offset parameter
  5. Const velocity movement along bezier curves
  6. clipping
  7. Need Tangent
  8. Quad rotation
  9. how to join some points?
  10. bresenham line drawing
  11. Problem skinning very far from the origin (solved)
  12. How can I draw an arrow between 2 points?
  13. Polygon Merge Algorithm
  14. Simulation Flow by VC++. Who 's care ?
  15. epsilon requirements
  16. public open software requirements?
  17. Math “expert” wanted… Algorithm for finding line of two crossing areas
  18. Modelview matrix to position+pan/tilt/roll
  19. FPS camera twist problem
  20. Interactive 3D rendering
  21. Squares on Sphere
  22. Rendering 3D objects in 2D
  23. please help me with this equation
  24. contours and smoothing
  25. half sphere
  26. openGL program to a movie
  27. How to calculate minification ratio
  28. NURBS surface patch Tesselations
  29. What's the algorithm used by gluTesslation?
  30. Problems with Arbitary Rotation about a Point
  31. Quadratic Surface of Best Fit
  32. Screen coordinates
  33. rendering the overlapped geometry of objects
  34. rendering the overlapped geometry of objects
  35. Getting the normal of a plane
  36. Depth buffer resolution
  37. pointAt function
  38. calculating a plane perpendicular to the view vector
  39. Perspective Transformation for large plane
  40. RE: Surface smoothing math.
  41. Rendering 3D models. data and math?
  42. Arbitrary move
  43. non-linear stereoscopic rendering
  44. Rotating a point in space
  45. z buffer formula
  46. algorithm on calculating point to line distance
  47. Right handed CS
  48. find a point with constraint --URGENT--
  49. BSP trees
  50. converting matrices from right-handed to left-handed
  51. about counter(or not) clockwise oriented triangles
  52. negative Z values
  53. lasso selection
  54. Rotate 3DS models
  55. Align vector?
  56. glOrtho coordinates issue
  57. intrinsic camera parameters
  58. Rotating airplane
  59. collision detection with BSP trees
  60. Surface smoothing
  61. Rotation problem
  62. Extremely quick question :)
  63. switching between Perspective and Orthographic
  64. best intersection algorithm for 2 D
  65. more than 3-dimension graphics
  66. math-to-OpenGL guide
  67. Matrix Problems
  68. OpenGL + Math Book
  69. Prj Matrix
  70. Anti Aliasing
  71. Inverse Kinematics
  72. floating type accuracy in opengl
  73. Re: casino roulette ball bouncing math?
  74. Load DFF Model Files
  75. catmull rom spline
  76. Plane Control
  77. Normals matrix
  78. Angles from direction
  79. substraction
  80. HOWTO: determine latitude/longtitude on a displayed sphere?...
  81. HOWTO:Calculating the plane normal vector from a triangle;given: it's 3 vertices
  82. problem with vtk openGL windows
  83. Non-Convex polygons
  84. Please help me!!
  85. plot a function
  86. generating sectors from geometry and portals
  87. what are the polygon mesh grip?
  88. Visualization of a voxel-based translucid structure.
  89. delta time for animation
  90. Help needed to control the frame rate
  91. matrix C library
  92. math problem
  93. Which graphics card to get to get started in doing math on GPUs
  94. how to do model clothing
  95. Need help with math algorithm for glransaltef
  96. Utilising GPU for calculations
  97. Any method to get the angle?
  98. parallel Line to the view
  99. Gimbal lock while orbiting camera around interest point
  100. Quaternion for camera, direction problem
  101. Projection of a 3d vector on a plane
  102. Quaternion-based Camera; PointAt() function
  103. slow in slow out function
  104. class's pointer to its own adress ?
  105. 3D volume rendering
  106. Collision detection in flight simulators
  107. Confuzed. Per vertex normals,tangents and binormals for smooth rendering
  108. how to realize Z-buffer algorithm with C/C++ no on top of opengl?
  109. am i doing this right??
  110. Looking for papers / explanation of advanced texturing
  111. Transformations
  112. T-Junctions in Octrees
  113. distance 'n' angles to coord
  114. OpenGL spec - ref man mismatch?
  115. Algorithem for DXT3 or DXT5 texture compression.
  116. Multiple plot in the same window
  117. AirCraft Modeling
  118. 3D Texture Mapping in hardware
  119. glu tessellator algorithm
  120. Rendering polynomial surfaces in OpenGL
  121. Ray Tracing Bezier Surfaces
  122. 3d point sits on a 3d line?
  123. Rquire references for lighting information
  124. finding the bounding triangle
  125. Perspective projection behind the viewer? (Solved)
  126. where did i click?
  127. generate dynamic triangles
  128. I'm having Problems w/ my Normalizing Cube map..
  129. local rotation - manipulation tool
  130. heat distortion and rendering order
  131. simple 2d boolean operation
  132. Graphic Algorithms for Wireframe
  133. Random point from triangle
  134. Connecting outer angles to polygon shape
  135. moving the camera using spherical coordinates
  136. basic octree techniques
  137. mapping coords
  138. bezier curve problem
  139. luminance question
  140. Problem with Z buffer
  141. Algorithm to build a surface out of points
  142. Collisions in car simulation
  143. Pretty texture coord calculation
  144. mapping lighting area with camera view area
  145. terrain
  146. SSE Math Library (ACML)
  147. opinion needed, Collision detection and response
  148. problem with rotation along rotated normals
  149. New to openGL, transformations help needed
  150. n lists?
  151. Ray Tracing
  152. Reconstruction of 3D Scene from photographies
  153. matrix transformation of vertex
  154. question about perspective matrix
  155. Ray - cylinder intersection
  156. Rectangular coordinates->rotation angles
  157. strings and chars
  158. Lagrange curves
  159. Transforms
  160. how to construct a 3d environment from a 2d map
  161. AI - for capturing someone
  162. gluLookAt() and Rotation
  163. How to use BSpline to simulate a circle or arc
  164. matrices...
  165. Ship Movement
  166. A problem of Frustom
  167. How to calculate a particular transformation matrix?
  168. nurbs from scratch in general
  169. A problem of Implementation
  170. A Plane Crashes Into a Mesh..
  171. 3d texture
  172. good normals but no lighting when i display the meshes
  173. 3d texture
  174. coordinate of 3d texture
  175. When do 2 ellipsoids collide?
  176. Distance between camera and objects
  177. glhlib
  178. .3ds loader and transformation matrix for lighting computation
  179. Implementing a 3d API
  180. nurbs sampling directly on the last knot
  181. Manipulating matrix, and changing rows and columns
  182. tranformation matrix of .3ds files (not resolved)
  183. oiiii, solving nurbs surface normals options
  184. Understanding the camera
  185. 3d tesseral addresses
  186. question about a simple matrix multiplication
  187. RGBA formula
  188. ModelView matrix manipulation
  189. morphing surfaces...
  190. How can I use openGl to Marching Cubes?
  191. Problem understanding the edge list generating algorithm
  192. It's possible to render OpenGL in VB6 math equations or so?
  193. Collision detection - getting stuck on corners
  194. About projection and clipping
  195. a problem of volume rendering using 3d texture
  196. A problem about glrotate() and matrix.
  197. glRotate and glTransform Camera
  198. Curve max/min point
  199. quads? triangles? glvertex4f?? glvertex3f??
  200. How to Calculate Polygon Normal?
  201. About MarchingCubes
  202. Finding bounding cone for spot light
  203. Sorting & Transformation
  204. Ray - cone intersection
  205. Nurbs fitting with length restriction
  206. Help with Bullets
  207. nurbs
  208. intersection
  209. Math 'tutorials' ?
  210. Tangent-Space to World-Space
  211. matrix rotations (vector rotation around an arbitrary axis, y = 0)
  212. Circular collision detection
  213. collision code: sector test
  214. How to determine if 3 vertices are in line?
  215. pentagon Coordinats
  216. Collision detection: the beginning
  217. Shot tracing
  218. Finding a polygon out of several points
  219. How to use newton-raphson to solve 1/a in fixed point
  220. Rotations in 2 different coordinate systems
  221. Retrieving a direction vector from the modelview matrix
  222. Analytically computing normals for volumes
  223. problem with distance from plane algorithm
  224. problem of lighting with .3ds files
  225. How to Calculate normal?
  226. Clever way to transform plane by matrix
  227. Interpolation
  228. How can I find the area of a 3D triangle?
  229. How can I find the 2D bounding rect of some triangles?
  230. adding homogeneous coordinates is too easy?
  231. Transformation from a unit cube to the frustum in world-space
  232. got some problems with my camera class
  233. construct a bounding rectangle
  234. math and openGL
  235. How to find the angle here?
  236. strafe? ? ?
  237. Fractal Interpolation
  238. Creating an area following a given path
  239. Point of intersection inside 3D triangle?
  240. Finding intersection between two components displayed
  241. Circle - Circle Collision
  242. Volume Ray Casting Emissive plus Absorption
  243. need help to understand maths of parallax bump mapping
  244. How to draw practically any poly from verts????
  245. How to draw practically any poly from verts????
  246. how calculate tangent and binormal for tangent space ?
  247. Roll Stabilized Camera w/Quaternion
  248. Testing a pathfinder...
  249. optimal triangulation
  250. renderText