ARB Meeting Notes

June 10-11, 2003

Hosted by Apple in Cupertino, CA

Meeting notes taken by Jon Leech, SGI


Bill Armstrong (dialin) E&S armstron 'at'
Graham Connor Imagination Technology graham.connor 'at'
Alain Bouchard (telecon) Matrox abouchar 'at'
Allen Akin (Self) akin 'at'
Avinash Seetharamaiah (telecon) Intel avinash.seetharamaiah 'at'
Barthold Lichtenbelt (telecon) 3Dlabs barthold 'at'
Bill Armstrong E&S armstron 'at'
Bill Licea-Kane ATI bill 'at'
Bimal Poddar Intel bimal.poddar 'at'
Bob Carwell (telecon) IBM bcarwell 'at'
Dale Kirkland 3Dlabs dale.kirkland 'at'
Dave Zenz Dell dave_zenz 'at'
Doug Crisman (telecon) SGI crisman 'at'
Geoff Stahl Apple gstahl 'at'
Helene Workman Apple plotka 'at'
Herb Kuta (telecon) Quantum3D kuta 'at'
Howard Miller Apple hmiller 'at'
Jack Middleton Sun jack.middleton 'at'
Jeff Weyman ATI jweyman 'at'
Jeremy Sandmel ATI jsandmel 'at'
John Kessenich 3Dlabs johnk 'at'
John Stauffer Apple stauffer 'at'
John Lapionpe (sp?) (telecon) Matrox ??? 'at'
Jon Leech SGI ljp 'at'
Ken Dyke Apple kcd 'at'
Kent Lin Intel kent.lin 'at'
Kurt Akeley NVIDIA kurt 'at'
Lee Gross IBM leegross 'at'
Matt Russo (telecon) Matrox matt.russo 'at'
Neil Trevett 3Dlabs neil.trevett 'at'
Nick Triantos NVIDIA nick 'at'
Paul Carmichael NVIDIA pcarmichael 'at'
Peter Graffagnino Apple pgraff 'at'
Ray Klassen (telecon) Intel raymond.b.klassen 'at'
Rob Mace ATI mace 'at'
Teri Morrison (telecon) 3Dlabs teri.morrison 'at'


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Action Items / Conclusions from the Meeting

Summary of Discussion Topics

Tuesday, June 10th

Next OpenGL Revision

Discussion and final feature set selection for the next revision.