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The premier place to advertise to 3D technology and coding audiences. site is the one-stop hub for developers and consumers for all OpenGL news, events, gaming new and developer resources for Windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, Java, Gaming Consoles & Cell Phones.

What do viewers find on

  • Developer & technical resources for OpenGL programming. is an vendor and organization independent web site and the source for all OpenGL documentation, tutorials, sample code and sample applications.
  • Daily news reports about new OpenGL products and events
  • Consumer information for Games and 3D Accelerator Boards.
  • Discussion Forums for developers and end-users
  • OpenGL-related developer job posting

What our advertisers say about

Sundog Software" reaches a highly targeted audience of professional graphics developers who are passionately interested in new tools and technologies. We've seen a significant increase in sales - not just leads - for our SilverLining sky and cloud visualization library following our campaigns on The performance of these ads have been an order of magnitude more effective than any other online or print campaigns that we've run. The value we're seeing for our advertising dollar really is unprecedented here."

Sundog Software readership statistics

OpenGL receives high traffic from a particularly well-qualified audience

  • Over 7,600,000 page views per month.
  • Over 880,000 unique visitors per month.
  • Each visitor averages approximately 8 pages/visit
  • User Type Breakdown:
        62% Developer
        27% End-User Consumers/Gamers
        11% End-User Professionals
  • For end-user consumers, OpenGL 3D games are the item of primary interest (60%)
  • Loyalty and community on OpenGL is very high with over 50% of our viewers visiting the site one or more times/wk. Word of mouth is also very strong with 30% being first time visitors.
  • is referenced by over 4200 external sites (Alexa).
  • Advertising Click through rates are averaging between .1% and 2%.
    Our target market is specifically OpenGL users who come to to learn about software, games and hardware that take advantage of OpenGL. This pre-qualifies the viewers of your ad so it is more effective and results driven.

Advertising Specs

  • 728X90 pixel Banners in rotation at the top of every main section including the Home Page
  • Format must be either JPG, GIF or PNG.
  • 50K or smaller

All advertisers receive weekly reports that includes Ad Impressions, and Click-throughs rates.

Advertising Rates

$5 per thousand impressions paid monthly - 1 or 2 banners. You choose how many impressions per month you want and we set it up. For example: 1000 impressions daily is roughly 30,000 impressions per month, which would be $150 per month.

How to submit ads

  1. Create one or more banner ads that features your OpenGL offerings (728px x 90px and < 50k).
  2. Email us the ad for approval
  3. Once your ad is approved, click on your preferred payment rate:

    Impressions per month

Right of Refusal reserves the right to refuse, at it's sole discretion, any advertiser or any particular banner from an advertiser. The advertiser may replace the refused banner with a more suitable one if desired. Our banner space is provided to the OpenGL community and dedicated to the promotion of OpenGL companies, projects, and products. We expect that any advertiser and their banners will reflect a positive professional image. We will not accept ads which are deemed in appropriate. This includes, but is not limited to: nudity, adult material, ads unrelated to OpenGL, competing APIs, and attacking another vendor's product. We reserve the right to cancel any advertising contract at any time without warning.