An Interactive Introduction To OpenGL Programming
Course # 54

Dave Shreiner
Ed Angel
Vicki Shreiner

OpenGL PowerPoint Course Overview

CDROM Contents:

This directory contains the course presentation notes and tutorials, as well as some background papers regarding OpenGL. The tutorials include versions compiled for SGI's Irix, Linux, and Microsoft Windows 9X/NT operating systems, as well as source code. All necessary data is included with the programs.

In addition, the source code for the programs from The OpenGL Programming Guide, 3rd Edition, and Ed Angel's book Interactive Computer Graphics, A top-down approach with OpenGL, 2nd Edition are included on the CDROM.

Course Note Files:

Background Papers:

OpenGL Information:

For the most up-to-date information about OpenGL, as well as examples, papers, algorithms, and sample code, visit the OpenGL web site at

Tutorial Programs:

The tutorial programs included with the course were written by Nate Robins and Mason Woo. The source code, along with the necessary data files are included, as well as compiled versions for SGI's Irix and Microsoft Windows 9X/NT operating systems. The tutorials included with the CDROM are:
Shapes emphasizes the geometric rendering primitives available in OpenGL.
Projection illustrates OpenGL projection and viewing transformations and clipping.
Transformations shows OpenGL modeling transformations and their affect on geometric objects.
Light Material demonstrates the use of material and light properties in OpenGL lighting.
Light Position emphasizes the affects of transformations on setting the position of OpenGL lights, and the different lighting affects that can be achieved.
Texture demonstrates OpenGL texture mapping and all of the functional controls in how textures are applied to geometric objects.
Fog shows the usage and affects of the fog in OpenGL.

Dave Shreiner
Silicon Graphics Computer Systems, Inc.
April 2001