Implementation of a polar/flight model viewer.

Source code: agv_example.c, agviewer.c, agviewer.h.

Snapshots: axes (shown).

Draws fractal mountains and trees -- and an island of mountains in water

Source code: fractals.c, fracviewer.c, fracviewer.h.

Snapshots: tree (shown).

Two detailed intertwining/rotating gears.

Source code: gears.c.

Snapshots: scene (shown).

The classic game "The Towers of Hanoi" in OpenGL.

Source code: hanoi.c.

Snapshots: during play (shown).

Left and middle buttons drawn colored lines, right button brings up a menu with a few options. If you draw for long enough and then hit pick "redraw" (or resize or uncover the window) it takes so long to redraw all the lines it is kind of like a kaleidoscope animation. Or something.

Source code: lineblend.c.

Snapshots: sample image (shown).

Moth encircling a light in a town square.

Source code: moth.c.

Snapshots: scene (shown).

Magic rings balancing on each other precariously.

Source code: rings.c.

Snapshots: scene (shown).

OpenGL simulation of a miniature steam engine.

Source code: steam.c.

Snapshots: mid-stroke (shown).

A simple flying three dimensional text logo.

Source code: text3d.c.

Snapshots: axes (shown).

Squiggly worms that follow the mouse clicks.

Source code: worms.c.

Snapshots: axes (shown).

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