GLIntercept - OpenGL debugger and function call interceptor


GLIntercept ( is a free and open-source OpenGL function call interceptor providing a replacement wrapper (opengl32.dll) that exports all OpenGL entry points. When an OpenGL call is made, the GLIntercept wrapper processes it before passing the call onto the real OpenGL system.

While there are many tools that provide similar functionality, mostly for logging purposes, GLIntercept provides an extensible plugin interface to allow custom logging or manipulation of the OpenGL state.

Feature List

GLIntercept is a OpenGL function call interceptor that can:

While this tool is designed to aid programmers debug OpenGL applications, it can also be used to grab the textures and models (via the OGLE plugin) used in OpenGL applications. Please respect copyright and authors' wishes if you do this.


The latest version and source code can be downloaded from the main GLIntercept site at: