OpenGL Samples Pack

The OpenGL Samples Pack is a collection of OpenGL samples written in C++ based on the OpenGL "core profile" specifications.

The project aims to promote the new OpenGL features making easier version transitions for OpenGL programmers with a code form of documentation for the OpenGL specification. Despite the fact that the OpenGL Samples Pack provides as simple (and dumb) as possible samples, it's not a tutorial for beginners but a project for programmers already familiar with OpenGL The OpenGL Samples Pack is also a good OpenGL drivers feature test.

These samples use FreeGLUT to create window and an OpenGL context, GLEW to load the OpenGL implementation, GLM as math library and to replace OpenGL fixed pipeline functions and GLI to load images.

The source code is under the MIT licence. It build with Visual C++ 2005 - 2010 only through CMake at the moment.