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GLIntercept 1.3 adds OpenGL 4.4 logging + bug fixes


Jun 20, 2014

The OpenGL logging/debugging tool GLIntercept has been updated to include the latest OpenGL XML registry headers and fixes several minor bugs.

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ogldev: Multi-Pass Shadow Mapping With Point Lights tutorial published

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Jun 16, 2014

The 43rd installment in a series of tutorials dedicated to promoting modern OpenGL development on Linux, with a focus on version 3.x and beyond. This tutorial demonstrates how to implement shadow originating from point lights.

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Khronos announces OpenGL ES 3.1 Conformance Test

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Jun 06, 2014

The Khronos OpenGL ES Working Group is pleased to announce the launch of the OpenGL ES 3.1 Adopter Program. The program gives participants access to the OpenGL ES 3.1 conformance test, and allows them to submit implementations for conformance certification. The OpenGL ES 3.1 conformance test builds on the latest version of the ES 3.0 test, which includes greatly enhanced shading language coverage contributed by drawElements Ltd. It adds eighteen new test categories covering the new features of ES 3.1, including compute shaders, image and buffer object load/store, atomic operations, and indirect drawing.  In addition to the conformance test, the working group has released updated API and shading language specifications, containing many corrections and clarifications.

More information about the Adopter program can be found in the Adopters’ Agreement and the . The updated specifications are available in the Khronos OpenGL ES Registry.

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Flash Is Dead … Long Live WebGL

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Jun 03, 2014

Recent research shows that WebGL is now supported on more devices than Flash. It’s the bigger platform. In fact, WebGL powered HTML5 is now the largest platform on the planet for interactive browser graphics. Now that WebGL is available on IE and Safari as well, we should see WebGL become even bigger. Long live WebGL!

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