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Videocue 2 and Wirecast 2 OpenGL API-based movie making and webcast applications

May 15, 2006

Videocue 2 is a Mac OS X teleprompter application to help users create movies while reading words aloud.  It uses the OpenGL API to offer a scrolling teleprompter,  Core Image transitions, and 3D graphics.  The new version adds enhanced fx, chroma key, podcasting and perfomance enhancements using the GPU. Wirecast 2 is a Mac OS X movie making application that uses the OpenGL API for transitions and effects in real-time, including cross-fade, 3D cube, swinging doors, sliding etc. in real time. The new version supports multiple output formats (from DVD to 3GPP cell phone), chroma key, GPU video compression acceleration, and H.264.

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Posted on 05/15 at 02:32 PM


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