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RTFSS 1.1 adds real-time ray-traced refractions and caustics computed entirely on GPU using OpenGL A

Oct 25, 2005

RTFSS is a fast open source free surface fluid solver based on MAC grid using the OpenGL API for real-time visulization.  The new v1.1 can simulate viscoelastic fluids (like gelatines, toothpaste,gels) and adds a wave equation solver for simulating shallow water equations. This feature is exposed through a “pool demo” which features refractions, raytraced refractions, 5.1 audio for water drops (through OpenAL, and is a good example of mixing OpenGL+OpenAL) and novel techniques like caustics mapping (similar to shadow mapping creates a caustics map and using EXT_framebuffer_object) done entirely on GPU which enables it to simulate underwater caustics in realtime.

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Posted on 10/25 at 03:59 PM


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