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Project Apricot - power of the open tools and standards

Dec 17, 2007

Apricot is another Blender’s Foundation Open Project started after successful ‘Elephants Dream’. This time it’s a game, the Blender ( ) and Crystal Space ( ) communities joining forces to realize an awesome and industry standard 3D game experience! The plan is to have 6 people for 6 months in Amsterdam working full time on a game. The complete game sources and binaries, artwork, tutorials, documentaries will be made available as a download and as a DVD (more on that below). Everything will be published under the Free license so you will be able to use the art work and code in your own game. Both Blender and Crystal Space are powered by OpenGL, thanks to open solutions like this - it works on many platforms. Game will be available for GNU/Linux, Windows, OSX. This project has several goals: * Enhance the game pipeline using open source tools and standards. * Extend Blender to a very useful gamedev tool easily connected to popular 3d engines.

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