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Apr 12, 2006

The OpenGL ARB and the Khronos Group are working to facilitate the evolution of OpenGL and integrate it more closely with developments in OpenGL ES (OpenGL for mobile), OpenVG (Flash, SVG, PDF acceleration), OpenMAX (streaming media acceleration), OpenML (video input/output), COLLADA (digital asset exchange schema), and OpenKODE (complete development and deployment platform - think DirectX, but for mobile).  We are polling OpenGL developers to find out how they prefer to unify and

OpenGL developers need ready exposure to the Khronos APIs and Khronos mobile developers need the resources and vast community support of the OpenGL developer community.

- Do we merge the two sites into one integrated site? 
- Do we merge the two sites into one site however let the user select their preferred default API view - so if they are focused on OpenGL, they could select to see news and information default to OpenGL?
- Do we keep the two sites separate but freely mix news across websites?
- Do we keep the two sites separate like they are now ?

In addition to completing the poll, please send any ideas or comments to webmaster (at) opengl dot org.

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Posted on 04/12 at 05:52 PM


Merge. I think there’s too much confusion among the various OpenGL pseudo-brands.

“OpenGL ES” as a name and concept is the right idea for specializing the core brand. But the other “Open*” names are adding confusion, since anyone with a keyboard can claim OpenSomething. There connections are therefore weak.

I’d personally prefer to see it all projects based on OpenGL concepts or intended for OpenGL integration as “OpenGL xx” where xx is the specialization. Yes, I know what GL stands for, but it’s a brand now. “Open” is meaningless at this point.

Assuming is not being driven by SGI anymore, this should be the hub of that expansion to keep things centered.

Posted by EntropyMan  on  04/13  at  01:53 PM

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