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Osmosys Inspires 3D Graphics Revolution with a future look at OpenGL and OpenVG

Sep 07, 2007

Osmosys S.A. today launched its Enhanced Graphics enGine (EGG(TM)) at IBC2007. EGG, is a revolutionary graphics engine and library that allows video content creators and designers alike the freedom to provide interactive TV graphics, with fluid motion, 3D effects, and full animation on platforms that were previously limited to a 2D world. EGG is designed to ensure that it will port to future APIs such as OpenGL (standard or embedded subset), OpenVG and DirectX. Thus, moving applications written using EGG to future hardware and software environments will be straightforward. Osmosys is a leading provider of Java-based middleware, applications, systems and services to the interactive television market.

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Posted on 09/07 at 01:20 PM


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