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OpenGL ARB and Khronos to announce merger at SIGGRAPH

Jul 18, 2006

At the upcoming Siggraph conference in Boston, the Khronos Group and OpenGL ARB plan to announce merger of the two groups. The union between the Khronos Group and the OpenGL ARB may come as little surprise to the people who know both organizations. There is considerable synergy already at work. With both groups operating within the same standards organization their roles can be more closely coordinated giving the OpenGL ARB the opportunity to pursue advanced graphics capabilities that are being used in AEC, digital content creation, visual simulation, and scientific visualization (as well as high-end games) and OpenGL ES, the ability to distill OpenGL down to its essentials for mass-market and consumer applications - both APIs building on a common architectural foundation.

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Posted on 07/18 at 06:45 PM


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