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OpenGL SuperBible Sixth Edition is now shipping, code examples online

Aug 06, 2013

The OpenGL SuperBible is now shipping. If you haven’t ordered your copy of the sixth edition of the OpenGL SuperBible, now is the time. Example code is also available online. The book is available in book and e-book editions.

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Posted on 08/06 at 03:32 PM


There seems to be some problems with the Linux port.
Just add/replace in the CMakeLists.txt the following works partially for me:
set(COMMON_LIBS sb6 glfw GL rt)

if (UNIX)
      dl glut X11 dl Xrandr Xext GLEW GLU
endif (UNIX)

Near the end I’ve tried to get xraw working. I’ve added all needed libraries but there is still an undefined reference to glXCreateContextAttribsARB in CreateWindow remaining.

Posted by khaoz  on  08/18  at  08:36 AM

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