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Introducing Regal–a portable OpenGL layer–write once deploy everywhere

Aug 02, 2012

The Open Source Regal project is being followed closely by top OpenGL developers at id, Unity, DICE, Epic, and Valve just to name a few. Developers are excited about the portability of their code (exact same OpenGL code runs on iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows), but also about the ecosystem foundation for tools support that just doesn’t exist in any portable way today. Regal brings the ecosystem foundation to all platforms at once.  And maybe not least, developers are very happy that this project is Open Source so it is truly the property of the community to use / modify / extend as they wish. Regal is currently pre-alpha, and is available for testing on Github. Community involvement is welcome, and a thread is setup for discussion on the OpenGL message boards.

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Posted on 08/02 at 12:47 PM


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