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HLSL2GLSL v0.9 DirectX 9 HLSL to OpenGL Shading Language translator

Nov 09, 2006

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The Graphics Product Group at AMD has released HLSL2GLSL v0.9.  HLSL2GLSL is a tool that translates DirectX 9 HLSL shaders into the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). The tool is released under an open source license to encourage continued development of this functionality by the developer community. HLSL2GLSL can be used as a stand-alone command-line tool to directly translate shader source from HLSL to GLSL. In addition, a library version of the tool is provided (along with full source-code) that can be used by a developer in their application. The library is designed to work with input HLSL shaders up to Shader Model 3.0. The tool generates either GLSL v1.10.59 desktop OpenGL shaders or shaders that can be used with the OpenGL ES Shading Language v1.00. Also available as binaries for Mac OS X and Win32.

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