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Grome 3.1 Released

Oct 17, 2011

Quad Software announced the release of the version 3.1 of Grome, the game level authoring tool used by professional game developers and companies from 3D simulation industry. This new version brings new tools and enhancement to existing ones, speed and memory management improvements. New extended compatibility is provided with external engines (Unity3D, Unreal Development Kit, OpenSceneGraph) and integration with external modelers (3DS Max, Maya, Blender) is achieved via industry standard COLLADA format. Commercially available for over 4 years, Grome modeler is used for AAA game titles for latest generation consoles and for PC by companies like Ubisoft and Eidos, for mobiles platforms by Gameloft and for professional simulation applications by Boeing and Saab.

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Posted on 10/17 at 02:09 PM


GNOME3 is a complete disaster. It just starts to get in the way of working too much and is missing so many essentials it is pain to use. I switched to KDE a couple of months ago and KDE is trull brilliant. The best desktop I have ever used, yes even better than GNOME2 and Mac.

Posted by Jure Repinc  on  10/18  at  02:49 PM

This news item is for Grome 3.1, not Gnome 3.

Posted by khronos  on  10/18  at  02:52 PM

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