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gDEBugger V2.0 adds performance views to make it easy to pinpoint OpenGL API graphic pipeline perfor

Sep 16, 2005

gDEBugger is a debugger and profiler that traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API, letting programmers see what is happening within the graphic system implementation to find bugs and optimize application performance. The V2.0 adds performance graph and dashboard views that contain performance counters graphs of gDEBugger, Windows and vendor-specific graphic boards (NVIDIA and 3Dlabs), including: CPU/GPU idle, graphic memory consumption, vertex and fragment processors utilizations, number of function calls per frame, amount of loaded textures and texels, frame per second, and many others. This lets you easily pinpoint graphic pipeline performance bottlenecks.

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Posted on 09/16 at 04:11 PM


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