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Free download of texture mapping chapter from The OpenGL Programming Guide 4th Edition

Jul 07, 2004

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Addison-Wesley has provided with a sample chapter from The OpenGL Programming Guide 4th Edition (Redbook) for download (1.2MB PDF). This is the must-have book for every OpenGL programmer. The sample Chapter 9 covers texturing mapping. After reading this chapter you should be able to:

  • Specify texture images in compressed and uncompressed formats
  • Control how a texture image is filtered as it’s applied to a fragment
  • Create and manage texture images in texture objects and, if available,   control a high-performance working set of those texture objects
  • Specify how the color values in the image combine with those of the fragment   to which it’s being applied
  • Supply texture coordinates to indicate how the texture image should be   aligned with the objects in your scene
  • Generate texture coordinates automatically to produce effects such as contour   maps and environment maps
  • Perform complex texture operations in a single pass with multitexturing   (sequential texture units)
  • Use texture combiner functions to mathematically operate on texture, fragment,   and constant color values
  • After texturing, process fragments with secondary colors
  • Perform transformations on texture coordinates using the texture matrix
  • Render shadowed objects, using depth textures

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