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eBook: Spieleentwicklung - OpenGL mit Fun-Faktor

Oct 29, 2012

Based on our OpenGL tutorial series, our new german eBook “Spieleentwicklung - OpenGL mit Fun-Faktor” is now available on Amazon. On 430 pages, this eBook covers the fundamentals of modern OpenGL programming. Contents: -Post Processing -Deferred Lighting -Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) -Deferred Shadow Calculations -HDR Rendering, Tone Mapping, Luminance Adaption and Bloom -Scene Composition (Layered Rendering) -Frame Buffer and Render Buffer Objects -Skeletal Animation -Uniform Buffer, Texture Buffer and Texture Array Objects -Geometry Instancing (Uniform Buffer Instancing and Texture Buffer Instancing) -Managed Rendering -GLSL Shader Programming -Resource Management -Lighting Models and Normal Mapping -Texture and Sampler Objects -Vertex Buffer and Index Buffer Objects -OpenGL Initialisation and Shutdown -Graphics Framework Programming

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Posted on 10/29 at 12:41 PM


TOC sounds great (as this is as much as I understand). Any chance for English translation?

Posted by Szymon  on  10/29  at  02:20 PM

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