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Collada FX to allow interchange between DCC apps of advanced shaders using the OpenGL Shading Langua

Aug 11, 2005

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Collada is a 3D interchange format for content creation and 3D processing tools to create a production pipeline. The Siggraph 2005 presentation covers the basics of Collada and gives a preview of Collada v1.4 which will include Collda FX (support of shaders, including OpenGL Shading Language),  Collada Physics, Conformance tests, and the Collada API. Demonstrations at Siggraph showed NVidia FXComposer 2.0 exchanging models and shader effects with SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.5.0 via a single Collada document.  The goal of Collada FX is to become the standard OpenGL Shader Effects metafile format.

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Posted on 08/11 at 03:54 PM


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