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Benchmarking OpenGL Frambuffer Objects (FBO) and Vertex/Fragment Program extensions across platforms and Perl vs C

Mar 26, 2007

This is a limited benchmark to compare OpenGL Frambuffer Objects (FBO) and Vertex/Fragment Program extensions non-OOP C and Perl running under Vista, Fedora 6, and Ubuntu/Dapper.  The Perl code using the new v0.55 Perl OpenGL Binding for hardware accelerated server-side applications.  The benchmark source and binaries are available. 

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Posted on 03/26 at 02:17 PM


i can not understand how this can be posted on the OpenGL mainpage. the benchmark in its current form is completely invalid. there is no mention of driver version numbers etc. also the vista comparison is completely out of context. try xp with the same generation of drivers as the linux tests and you will get approximatly the same results as on linux.


Posted by chrislu  on  03/27  at  04:56 AM

Hi Chris -

I’ve added the driver version numbers to the benchmark page - they were the latest nVidia drivers that were available at the time of the benchmark (3/15/2007): 97.55 for Linux and 100.65 for Vista.

I had run the benchmark on XP boxes with the same generation drivers, and the XP performance was about the same as Vista - about 60% slower than Linux.

Unfortunately I was not able to install XP on my benchmark box after installing Vista, and though the XP tests I ran are on similar hardware - I chose not to include them in the report as they were not performed on the same box.

I’ve been developing software on Microsoft OS’s since the mid-80s; it’s generally my platform of choice - so I was very surprised and disappointed by these numbers.  I’m not an MS-basher ;^)

If you feel the benchmarks are invalid, I invite you to run them youself - the source and binaries are posted at

- Bob Free

Posted by grafman  on  04/24  at  04:12 AM

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