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AMD announces Catalyst 7.10 drivers and claims dramatic performance increases

Oct 12, 2007

New Catalyst 7.10 drivers from ATI are supposed to bring about a list of performance optimizations. The drivers are available for both Windows XP and Vista in 32-bit and 64-bit. A list of games that are supposed to get dramatic speed-ups shows a mix of DirectX9, DirectX10 and OpenGL. Bioshock, Battlefield 2142, Company of Heroes, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, FEAR, World in Conflict, are some of the games getting a substantial performance bump according to release notes. 10% to 80% improvements for both single card and Crossfire performance.

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Posted on 10/12 at 08:28 PM


I’ve been seeing quality issues with the last several sets of display drivers from ATI(AMD).  Not sure if others have this problem but there are OpenGL repainting problems in my apps on window resize events.  I’ve tried changing the swapbuffers and flush calls but it hasn’t fixed the problem.  It works fine on all Nvidia drivers.  This has been happening since about Catalyst 7.7 and all I get is an automated response when I try to submit a bug report.  I hope driver quality will stop getting worse as performance goes up.

Posted by TheBMan  on  10/14  at  04:57 PM

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