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All About Shadow Volumes presentation

Oct 20, 2009

Stenciled shadow volumes provide a GPU-accelerated basis for shadow determination. Learn from this SIGGRAPH 2004 presentation how OpenGL features such as stencil testing, wrapping stencil operations, two-sided stencil testing, and depth clamping (now a standard part of OpenGL 3.2) provide the API necessary to optimize shadow volume rendering in your 3D application.

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Posted on 10/20 at 06:46 PM


I’m sorry, but how is a 5 year old presentation about outdated technology news?

Posted by Sander van Rossen  on  10/21  at  05:08 AM

The presentation was just uploaded albeit it from an old show. The point is that the full set of features described for optimized stenciled shadow volumes is finally available in core OpenGL with version 3.2.  Before that, you had to use vendor extensions.  Depth clamping is finally core with OpenGL 3.2.

Posted by khronos  on  10/26  at  10:41 AM

I was going to say something about it taking so long before it became part of OpenGL core.
But instead i’m just going to say, and i don’t mean this sarcastically, that i’m really happy with the progress OpenGL is finally making now.

Posted by Sander van Rossen  on  10/26  at  10:48 AM

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