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October updates to Magnum C++11 and OpenGL graphics engine

Oct 31, 2013

Magnum is multiplatform 2D/3D graphics engine written in C++11 and modern OpenGL, released under MIT license. Two months after the first public release, the October snapshot brings Mac OS X support, Emscripten port (C++11 code compiled to JavaScript and WebGL), new OpenGL limit and extension queries, shader compilation tests, vector math improvements, more C++11/C++1y features for better usability, thorough documentation updates, build system enhancements and introduction of API deprecation.

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AMD Developer Summit 2013 OpenGL session

Oct 31, 2013

AMD is hosting their popular Developer Summit November 11-13 2013. This year will see 20 Khronos related sessions on WebGL, OpenCL, WebCL and OpenGL. On Wednesday November 13th at 2:45pm in room PG-4034, Karl Hillesland from AMD will be discussing “Using OpenGL and DirectX for Heterogeneous Compute.”

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GpuTest 0.6.0 Released

Oct 28, 2013

GpuTest is a cross platform OpenGL benchmark for Windows, OS X and Linux. This new version of GpuTest comes with the support of OS X 10.9 Mavericks (OpenGL 4), and brings minor changes in the user interface.

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Updates to the OpenGL API 4.4 and OpenGL Shading Language 4.40

Oct 18, 2013

Updates to the OpenGL API 4.4 and OpenGL Shading Language 4.40 Specifications have been posted to the OpenGL Registry. These updates include many minor clarifications and fixes relative to the initial release of OpenGL 4.4 / GLSL 4.40.

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OGLplus 0.38.0 released

Oct 16, 2013

OGLplus is a collection of open-source, cross-platform libraries which implement an object-oriented facade over the modern OpenGL® and also OpenAL® and EGL C-language APIs. It provides wrappers which automate resource and object management, error handling and make the use of these libraries in C++ safer and more convenient. Among other things this release brings support for EXT_direct_state_access Buffers, FBOs, RBOs and VAOs, support for several other GL extensions, new examples and improvements to the build system.

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EGL Working Group Requests Feedback on Change in Attribute List Type

Oct 01, 2013

The Khronos EGL Working Group is requesting feedback on a change to the definition of EGLint that would disallow using handles as attribute values. If you have feedback on this change, please post it in the discussion boards where the proposed change is described in more detail. 

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Steam OS gets a boost with NVIDIA engineers to optimize OpenGL drivers

Sep 26, 2013

Most likely you’ve already heard that Steam OS, a Linux based operating system for the television, is coming soon. Valve, creator of Steam, has announced it’s own line of hardware called Steam Machine and that 300 lucky folks will get an early version to play with. There are few details as to what the box will be made of, or what it will look like, but NVIDIA just announced that they’ve had engineers on the ground at Valve, helping to optimize the OpenGL drivers for better performance.

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ClanLib SDK 3.0.0 Released

Sep 25, 2013

The ClanLib C++ Game SDK has been updated. Key updates include OpenGL 4.4 context support, enhanced batching for all 2D primitives and an integrated 3D scene management module.

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GLFW 3.0.3 released

Sep 25, 2013

GLFW is a library for portable OpenGL application development. It manages windows, OpenGL contexts, resolution switching and provides keyboard, mouse, gamepad and time input. Version 3.0.3 adds fixes for a number of bugs that together affect all supported platforms, most notably MinGW compilation issues and cursor mode issues on OS X.

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NVIDIA GeForce R326 Drivers released

Sep 23, 2013

The latest 327.23WHQL drivers show increases in performance by up to 19% for GeForce 400/500/600/700 series GPUs in several PC games vs. GeForce 320.49 WHQL-certified drivers. Drivers support OpenGL 4.3 for GeForce 400-series and later GPUs, multiple languages and APIs for GPU computing including OpenCL, and single GPU and NVIDIA SLI technology on OpenGL.

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scaupa, an OpenGL 4.x based game on indiegogo

Sep 19, 2013

A game based on creating and sharing worlds. Uses OpenGL4.x core profile. Some rendering features: HDR rendering with different tonemappers. Large modifiable terrain. Quad-tree based fft(tessendorf) water simulation. CHC++ hardware occlusion culling(done in z-prepass). Image based effects colorgrading, SSAO, fog, godrays, Depth f Field etc. Atmospheric scattering. Soft cascaded shadow maps. Particle effects.

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AMD Catalyst 13.9 drivers now available

Sep 19, 2013

AMD today released their Catalyst Software Suite Version 13.9 for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 users. Support for AMD features include OpenGL and OpenCL. OpenGL support for User Profiles and Catalyst Application Profiles means users can now create, per application, 3D setting profiles for OpenGL applications and OpenGL applications are now supported through Catalyst Application Profile updates (for single GPU and AMD CrossFire configurations).

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OpenGL Benchmark FinalWire AIDA64 Extreme & Business Edition v3.20 released

Sep 18, 2013

FinalWire announced the release of AIDA64 Extreme and Business Edition 3.20 software, a streamlined diagnostic and benchmarking tool. The latest AIDA64 update extends its multi-threaded benchmarking and stress-testing capabilities to cover up to 128 logical processors and 2 processor groups, implements support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems, and supports the latest graphics and GPGPU computing technologies including OpenGL 4.4 and OpenCL 1.2 SPIR.

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AMD embedded roadmap for 2014 to include Adelaar and OpenGL

Sep 11, 2013

AMD has unveiled its plans for expansion in the embedded solutions market detailing the ‘Adelaar’ discrete GPU processor. The roadmap illustrates AMD’s “ambidextrous strategy” as it becomes the first company to offer the choice of ARM or x86 SoCs. ‘Adelaar’ is the next-generation discrete AMD Embedded Radeon GPU based upon GCN. and is expected to deliver rich 3D graphics with support for OpenGL 4.2.

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OpenGL Reference cards now available from Amazon

Sep 10, 2013

If you wanted to get an OpenGL reference card that was printed and laminated, now is the time at Amazon! Stock is low so be sure to get your order quickly.

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