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Software Applications Engineer

Posted Date: 07-07-2014

Company: FEI

Location: Houston, TX
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*Overview & Responsibilities

You will build and maintain the technical relationship with FEI customers. You will need to understand customer applications and map them to our products and capabilities and help present and implement them for our customers. You will develop demonstrations, benchmarks, prototypes, and customized solutions based on our product portfolio. You will attend and contribute to the organization of exhibitions, conferences and seminars. You will work very closely with our sales and our engineering divisions.

*Qualified candidates will have to conduct following tasks:

- Provide pre-sales support. Responsibilities include explaining the features and benefits of the FEI solution; comparing it to those of a competitor’s products; delivering product presentations to technical and management personnel and communicating with sales and product managers regarding customer needs.
- The Application Engineer is responsible for assisting the sales team to drive revenue by helping to qualify accounts, preparing and delivering solution based product presentations, and delivering proof of concepts which meet customer business requirements.
- The Application Engineer is responsible for working with FEI visualization’s products and is responsible for handling any technical question or issue which arises during a sales cycle and setting appropriate customer expectations.
- Another aspect of the Application Engineer position is working with Technical Support to resolve customer issues.
- Additional responsibilities include providing on-site support and product installation for proof of concepts; handling technical presentations at trade shows and conferences.
- Build and maintain the technical relationship with FEI customers.
- Share experience with other Application Engineers in FEI.
- Work very closely with account manager.

* Secondary Accountabilities/Scope of Position:

- Reviews technical documentation and participates in QA of new products and new releases before they are proposed to customers.
- Participates in preparing the content of the technical materials and presentations (highlighted features, samples…)
- Participates in preparing the content of marketing materials to highlight FEI solutions in the 3D visualization community.
- Conducts other duties as assigned.

* Education, Experience and Abilities:

- Typically requires Bachelor’s degree or equivalent plus 5 or more years successful developer experience or application engineer experience
- Technical requirements:
» OpenGL expertise is very desirable
» Minimum 5 years’ experience in 3D programming: Open Inventor, other scene graph APIs, DirectX, visualization toolkits (VTK, Hoops, INT ), QT, volume rendering…
» C++ and Microsoft .Net and Java
» Good knowledge of the Windows and Linux developer environments.
» General knowledge of visualization and compute cluster based systems.
» General knowledge of geology or geophysics markets and workflows is a plus.

- Excellent communication skills. Must be able to communicate technical ideas in person (one-on-one and small audience settings) as well as listening to and responding to customer problems via telephone and email, giving technical direction, and technical programming and analysis.
- Organized and focused. Ability to successfully manage multiple tasks at the same time, and be able to prioritize responsibilities.
- General knowledge in geosciences, medical imaging or mechanical engineering a plus.
- Languages: English (fluent). Spanish or Portuguese a plus.
- About 35% travel is required.

*Location : The position is open in Houston, TX

* Job’s Territory : US and Canada, and time to time South Americas
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