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  1. Loading a volumetric data set to a 3D texture


    I'm trying to load a volume data to 3D texture using the code bellow in order to implement a GPU based raycasting render:

    #define XDIM 128

    #define YDIM 128
    #define ZDIM 128
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    Texture disappears!

    I load a HDR image as a texture and I wrote shaders to map the 2 texture to a sphere but texture disappears when I click on it or when I resize the window! Here is my code for display function:...
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    problem with loading HDR image using pbrt

    Hi everyone
    I'm trying to load an HDR image into my program using pbrt libaray( 3rdparty), I include the associated libraries in "Additional include directories" of my solution. I'm using visual...
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