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    1. Use [ code ]...[ /code ] tags when posting...

    1. Use [ code ]...[ /code ] tags when posting code.
    > Ok.

    2. You shouldn't be passing in texture coordinates, you should be using fShadowPosition.
    > yes, get it ... given that didn't work, in...
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    // // Vertex & fragment shader to generate the...

    // Vertex & fragment shader to generate the depth map

    #version 150
    // Simple pass through shader that passes 3d position to fragment shader
    // Used for generating shadow map textures
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    Shadow map heeeeeeeeeeeelp please.


    I am trying to get shadow mapping working ..have exhausted my own ideas.

    I am using this tutorial but...
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    In case anyone knows a better way - I am...

    In case anyone knows a better way - I am debugging this the brute force way - copying the data out of the depth buffer with glReadPixels, remapping to a 0.0 to 1.0 range, then creating a colour...
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    Thanks .. still need some help tho... how do I...

    Thanks .. still need some help tho... how do I map from the depth texture (single value, float) into an RGB texture (e.g. 8 bits per channel) or similar that I can display?
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    Debugging shadow maps

    Hoping someone can help.

    I am following this tutorial.

    I can get the code as presented working, but when I...
  7. Answering my won question in case anyone else...

    Answering my won question in case anyone else comes across it.

    The answer is to getting the scene rendered into a texture in one go is:
    - set glViewPort (0, 0, textureWidth, textureHeight);
  8. Mapping from rednerbuffer size to texture size for glow effect


    I am trying to get a texture for glow effects working, and am struggling with window sizes that are not the same size as the texture when I am drawing into the texture.

    I have working code...
  9. Thanks

    Great reply ... a simple number like triangles compared to clock speed is just what I meant. Thanks very much. I have a GTX440 btw.
  10. How to assess performance of OpenGL program?

    Hello Gurus,

    I am learning OpenGL, with a hope of employment in the games industry.

    I think I am getting to grips with it, including storing standard geometries on the GPU & re-using them,...
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    I am recording an answer to this here for...

    I am recording an answer to this here for posterity. I had the same issue (crash when calling wglDeleteContext, but only when using a texture) eventually found that the error was holding on to GL...
  12. Thanks.

    Yes, I was doing that ... it all seemed to work (I got progressive integers for the VAO & VBO ids .. just no output on the screen.

    A single buffer holding multiple objects is working fine, so I...
  13. Resolves

    For posterity I am going to answer my own question here ...

    I never got multiple VAOs or buffers to work.

    There are other threads here that discuss performance ... so I decided to switch to...
  14. Thanks

    Yes, I am using shaders. I have removed the calls to Bind, enable arrays etc for the case where they should already be set up & associated with the VAO. Code works fine when I have only 1 VAO & 1...
  15. How to use multiple buffers (glGenBuffer/BindBuffer)

    Hello OpenGL experts,

    I am asking for some help to get multiple buffer objects working.

    I have an animated scene with mutliple ellipses & spheres, and it is starting to go slow if I keep...
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