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    I am actually rendering the image overlaid on the...

    I am actually rendering the image overlaid on the rendered scene and animating the far component of the frustum using cos(accum) * 5000.0f + 5100.0f, which oscilates the far clip plane via a sin wave...
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    FBO, Depth texture and Frustum

    Hi, I have a deferred rendering solution that uses an FBO RTT to render the scene data into.

    One of the attached textures is the depth buffer, which SEEMED to work until I noticed that if I...
  3. Re: Multiple lights with gl_LightSource again

    Ok, I have an old shader that demonstrates the problem. (I know the actual lighting calculations are incorrect, but this was simply at test shader). If I change all the gl_LightSource[i] entries in...
  4. Multiple lights with gl_LightSource again

    I know that this has been asked MANY times before but there seems to never be any resolution on this topic.

    Here goes:
    Is there still a bug that won't allow a glsl writer to access the...
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    Re: Shader Light Array

    Did you ever get this to work. I am currently still having exactly the same problem with Radeon 9800 and Catalyst 5.11 divers

    // Mike
  6. Thread: GLSL on ATI

    by krazanmp

    Re: GLSL on ATI

    I don't suppose you could post that article??

    I implemented a Quaternion-based HW skinning solution a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, as soon as I modified a single uniform the shader...
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