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  1. rtt + multisample resolution + dxt1 compression

    My OpenGL 3.3 render to texture needs to be resolved for multisampling and then compressed to DXT1 on the fly. My understanding is that I have to :
    - create a multisample frame buffer
    - render...
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    Thanks for the answer. I don't know why, I...

    Thanks for the answer.
    I don't know why, I cannot post the link, but a quick search of Avoid Misaligned Vertex Data Apple, shows that at least some major Apple devices are doing attribute padding on...
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    a good compact vertex format?

    I have a compact interleaved vertex format to draw simple objects :

    2 bytes x 3 : position x/y/z
    2 bytes x 3 : texture u/v/w (w is layer num in texture array)
    3 bytes : normal x/y/z
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