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  1. what is 'indirect' in glDispatchComputeIndirect?

    I am not getting how to assign value to 'indirect' to use it in glDispatchComputeIndirect().

    As per my understanding, when a buffer is bound using GL_DISPATCH_INDIRECT_BUFFER, that data can be...
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    yes, using 'add_color' worked. Thanks :)

    yes, using 'add_color' worked. Thanks :)
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    What do you mean by uniform never used here? ...

    What do you mean by uniform never used here?

    vec4 add_color= vec4(color1 + color2 + color3 + color4);

    Here I am using the uniforms of the uniform block. So, I thought they are active. ...
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    compute shaders and uniform blocks


    Have just started working on compute shaders.
    I have a uniform block in a compute shader and I am trying to get the uniform block index in my application , but it is always returning me...
  5. yes, its not mentioned in the GLES3 spec that we...

    yes, its not mentioned in the GLES3 spec that we need attribute in vertex shader for rendering.
    Same case is with GLES2 as well.
  6. Is it mandatory to have attributes in vertex shader?

    Hi ,

    I have a vertex shader which do not have any attributes in it

    #version 300 es

    out mediump vec4 basecolor;
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    How can I test GL_HALF_FLOAT in shader?

    Searched a lot but not getting now :(

    I am passing GLushort half_float values to shader as :

    const GLushort iValueSize[4] = {0x3C00, 0x7BFF, 0x0400, 0x8000};
  8. Sorry for the above confusion. I have tested the...

    Sorry for the above confusion. I have tested the code with integer texture and its working fine. But same thing is working with unsigned texture, created as above , having isampler2D in shader which...
  9. what is the expected result for unsigned texture having isampler2D in shaders?

    I am writing an application to test isampler2D, thus have created a integer texture as:

    GLubyte *lpTex = NULL;

    for (j=0; j<32; j++) {
    for (i=0; i<32; i++) {
    if ((i ^...
  10. when is the indices of vertices determined to be used in gl_VertexID

    I am trying to understand the behavior of gl_vertexID in vertex shaders. For that I am trying to render 2 squares using two glDrawArrays calls one after another. And want to apply red color to only...
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